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Love as Thought is Truth. Love as Action is Right Conduct. Love as Understanding is Peace. Love as Feeling is Non-violence.

Start the Day with Love; Spend the Day with Love; Fill the Day with Love; End the Day with Love; This is the way to God.

I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster.

Your heart must be transparent, like glass, with spiritual light within illuminating the whole world.

I shall be with you, where ever you are, guarding you and guiding you. March on, have no fear.

Duty is God; Work is worship. Even the tiniest work is a flower placed at the Feet of God.

Cultivate a nearness with Me in the heart and it will be rewarded. Then you too will acquire a fraction of that Supreme Love.

Duty without love is deplorable. Duty with love is desirable. Love without duty is Divine.

Peace can only be won the hard way, by eliminating violence and greed from the hearts of individual. The secret of happiness is not doing what one likes to do but in liking what one has to do.

The end of wisdom is freedom. The end of culture is perfection. The end of knowledge is love. The end of education is character.

First you must grapple with the fact that duty is God and start doing your duty.

I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith - so that Christian becomes a better Christian, the Muslim, a better Muslim, and the Hindu, a better Hindu.

Transmuting "man" into "God" and experiencing Bliss is the one and only achievement for which life is to be devoted.

The minimum qualification for Grace is surrender of ego.

The treasure that is precious is the quality of even mindedness in all situations.

The joy of being the master of senses is far greater than being their slave.

Your progress is reflected back as Grace, your decline is reflected back as its absence. The mirror just reflects. It has no partiality or prejudice.

Peace is shoreless ocean - it is the light that illuminates the world.

Virtue is the sign of the educated person. This is what makes education worthwhile.

God can be felt and experienced only in the deepest depths of silence.

Education must remove hatred between the pilgrims on the various roads to God. There is only one God, one Goal, one Law, one Truth, one Religion and one Reason.

To help the helpless is the only way to please, follow and reach Him.

Mind, word and act; all three must be filled with the belief that all is His play; that is the genuine path.

You are in the Light, then the Light is in you, You are the Light.

Desire is storm, greed is whirlpool, pride is precipice, attachment is avalanche, ego is volcano. Discard desire and you are liberated.

Devotion has to be un-intermittent, uninterrupted, like the flow of oil from one vessel to another.

Human society minus God is equal to a forest of brutes.

Bear all and do nothing; Hear all and say nothing; Give all and take nothing; Serve all and be nothing.

Man minus immorality is Immortality.

God is for those, who are not for themselves.

So long as the sugar is on the tongue, you feel the sweetness in taste. Similarly, so long as the heart has love, peace and devotion, you feel the bliss.

If you will not rise above the things of the world, they will rise above you.

Praying is your task; what happens to the prayer is dependent on the Grace of God.

Seek out your faults and others merits. Seeking others faults is dire sin.

Your duty is to pray for the welfare of the world and to work for it as far as it lies in your power.

Earning money cannot be the purpose of education. Acquiring good qualities can be the only purpose of education.

True devotion must not get dispirited; nor elated or satisfied with lesser gains; it must fight against failure, loss, calumny, calamity, ridicule and against egoism and pride, impatience and cowardice.

Follow the Master; Face the devil; Fight to the end; Finish the goal.

If animal feelings are washed out, Divine feelings begin to overflow instead.

A man who has no love in him is as barren as a cloud with no moisture, a tree with no fruits or a cow yielding no milk; he is ever far from God and can never earn His Grace.

Life is a bridge over the sea of changes. Do not build a house on it.

In the innermost recess of your heart there is a reservoir of peace where you must take refuge. Employ yourself usefully. Be like a trustee, holding on trust, on behalf of God, for the purpose which He likes and approves.

Hear good things, see good, do good, think good, then you get the Grace of God, as all the evil tendencies will be uprooted.

All are expressions of the same God, as bulbs lit by the same current through manifold colors and wattage.

Have faith in His Grace and lead a virtuous life, a life devoted to the service of the weak; a life spent in the thought about the might and glory of God.

The refinement of an individual is measured by the yard stick of sense control.

Prayer must emanate from the heart, where God resides, and not from the head where doctrines and doubts clash.

You have come from God, you are a spark of His Glory; you are a wave of that Ocean of Bliss; you will get peace only when you again merge in Him.

See God in every one you meet; see God in every thing you handle. Live together, revere each other, let not the seeds of envy and hate grow and choke the clear stream of Love. Make your life a rose, that speaks silently in the language of fragrance.

Be in the world, but let not the world be in you.

Be like the lions in the spiritual field, rule over the forest of the senses and roam fearlessly with full faith in victory.

The heart with compassion is the temple of God.

Start early, Drive slowly, Reach safely.

Watch your Words, Action, Thoughts, Character and Heart.

Education softens the heart. If the heart is hard, one cannot claim to be educated.

Faith in ourselves and faith in God: this is the secret of Greatness, for God is Love.

Good ideas, good conduct and adherence to Truth should result from our education. Only those who acquire these qualities can be called truly educated.

Devotion to the Divine will give you Bliss, Prosperity and Peace. It cannot inflict pain, perturbation or personal anxiety. It fosters love and brings all together as one band of brothers.

Every action of yours at the present time is bound to have a reaction, resound and reflection in the future.

Reach the point where churches, temples, mosques do not matter, where all roads end, from where all roads run.

Doing one's duty, however small, in an unattached manner gives rise to the awakening of self awareness.

Bend the body, mend the senses and end the mind - this is the way to Immortality.

Why fear when I am here? Put all your faith in Me. I shall guide you and guard you.

Try within your means to satisfy the needs of the poor.

If you place complete faith in the Lord at all times, you will receive His Grace. Grace takes away the pain of Karma. The Lord can save man completely from Karma.

God has no preferences and prejudices; His is but reaction, reflection and resound.

Where there is Faith, there is Love; Where there is Love, there is Peace; Where there is Peace, there is Truth; Where there is Truth, there is God; Where there is God, there is Bliss.

Life is Love, enjoy it; Life is Challenge, meet it; Life is a Song, sing it; Life is a Dream, realize it; Life is a Game, play it; Life is a Goal. achieve it.

Ego lives by getting and forgetting; Love lives by giving and forgiving; Love is expansion; Self is contraction; Self is lovelessness; Love is selflessness.

There is only one religion, the religion of Love; There is only one language, the language of the Heart; There is only one caste, the caste of Humanity; There is only one law, the law of Karma; There is only one God, He is Omnipresent.

Haste makes waste; Waste makes worry; So do not be in a hurry.

You are not one person, but three: The one you think you are; The one others think you are; The one you really are. Money comes and goes; morality comes and grows.

Nations are many, but Earth is one; Beings are many, but Breath is one; Stars are many, but Sky is one; Oceans are many, but Water is one; Religions are many, but God is one; Jewels are many, but Gold is one; Appearances are many, but Reality is One.

Come just one step forward, I shall take a hundred towards you. Shed one tear, I shall wipe a hundred from your eyes.

The proof of rain is in the wetness of the ground; the proof of devotion is in the peace the aspirant has attained.

Every experience is a lesson, every loss is a gain.

You should completely forget the help rendered by you to others and the harm done to you by others.

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. If character is lost, all is lost.

The body has to be utilized for service to others. More bliss can be got from serving others than from merely serving oneself.

You should consider every individual as God. This is true worship.

You are not doing service for others. You are doing it always for yourselves, to the God in you, the God who is equally present in others.

If it is good and will harm no one, go ahead. If it is not good, put it aside. If not sure, do nothing until sure.

What is needed today is that we should lead a life of good quality. The fostering of sterling character and good conduct is the need of the world. Once we have greater numbers of such people of good quality, the country and the world will become prosperous and peaceful.

You must act ever in the consciousness of your divinity and recognize in each being, a brother, a child of God. The whole world is one family.

The only permanent change is slow, steady change.

God, if you think, God you are. Dust if you think, dust you are. As you think, so you become. Think God, be God.

Those who seek to acquire steadiness of faith must first acquire the strength to bear grief and pain, insult and injury. The succession of joy and grief must help confirm the faith and make it immovable. That alone can evidence true devotion.

Failures are stepping stones to success.

Individual spiritual practice is the negative pole and service is the positive pole. The conjunction of both poles can alone bring success. The mind carries the divine principle (the light of love) and conveys it to all who contact it.

We can be successful leaders only if we are disciplined followers, who do not issue commands to others but rather set an example of service in our actions.

If you have the inclination to do good work, God will give you the time to do good things.

Man falsely imagines "I am doing this", "I am planning this". It is the supreme, all pervasive consciousness that motivates, unfolds the skills and operates the intellect.

Let God work through you and there will be no more duty. Let God shine forth. Let God show Himself. Live God, Eat God. Drink God. Breath God. Realize the Truth and the other things will take care of themselves.

Treat all as your own self. Do not have a double standard.

What you would desire others to do for you, you should do for others. You should respect others as you want to be respected by them.

Love all men without distinction, Know that mankind is a single community.

Is the intention pure, selfless, born out of love? Is it based on truth? Does it result in peace? If so, it is a right action.

True humanness consists of a continuous series of tiny acts executed with absolute sincerity and largeness of heart.

The quality of one's feelings determines one's future.

Think before speaking. Think before acting. Then go ahead If you feel good about it.

See good Hear good Speak good Do good Be good

If you strive to find your Self by using your mind, you will strive and strive in vain, because the mind cannot give you the Truth. You are that Self. All else is illusion of the mind's creation.

Every being in the universe has the potentiality of transcending the senses. Even the little worm will one day transcend the senses and reach God. No life will be a failure. There is no such thing as failure in the universe.

More than listening to a hundred lectures or delivering them to others, offering one act as genuine service attracts the Grace of God.

We should not aspire for acclaim and praise from those around us, but do service only to secure the Grace of God and not for any other reward from any one. Bury bad thoughts under good ones. Then the bad ones will just fade away and be forgotten.

Living is not enough; it has no value by itself. It is the motives, the feelings, the thoughts, the attitudes that prompt the day to day life that matters.

Secure spiritual bliss first and then try to convey it to those who thirst. When the tank is dry, how can the taps give water?

Always try to put yourself in the position of the other and judge your action against the background. Then you will not be wrong.

Honor all religions. Each is a pathway to God.

Make the mind, the voice and the actions agree in harmony. That is the right way of life.

Impurity is a mere superimposition under which the real nature of man has been hidden.

Where divinity is sought after, one ought always to behave in the spirit of Love, devoid of the slightest trace of hate, envy and anger. When one cultivates the inner look, one attains the conviction of the basic equality of all.

What is heard has to be pondered over. What is pondered over has to be put into practice. It is only when all three are accomplished that the realization of Bliss can be attained.

The secret of perfect health lies in keeping the mind always cheerful - never worried, never hurried, never borne down by any fear, thought or anxiety.

The pure heart is the best mirror for the reflection of Truth. So all these disciplines are for the purification of the heart. As soon as it is pure, all truths flash upon it in a minute.

O Lord, take my love and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee. O Lord, take my hands and let them work incessantly for Thee. O Lord, take my soul and let it be merged in oneness with Thee. O Lord, take my mind and thoughts and let them be in tune with Thee. O Lord, take my everything and let me be an instrument for thy work.

Religion is three-fourths character. Only those who preserve character can be pronounced truly religious.

Desire destroys devotion, anger destroys wisdom, greed destroys work - hence these bad qualities must be sacrificed. With good and sweet words, keeping desires under check and control (for ultimate removal), one should start on the path of sacrifice.

Man derives all the joy and peace that he needs from within himself and not from sources outside himself. So the best spiritual discipline is: strengthen the inward vision.

Anything that helps you maintain unruffled equanimity is right action.

True love expands the self; attachment contracts it.

Moderation in temper is virtue. Moderation in principle is a vice.

The harder the circumstances, the more trying the environment, the stronger are those who come out of those circumstances.

That which happens physically on the outside in terms of actions is not of major importance. What is important is that which comes from inside.

This body is the residence of God. The food you take is the offering you make to him. Your act of bathing is the ceremonial bathing of Him who is in You. The ground you walk on is His domain. The joy you gain is His gift. The grief you experience is His lesson. Remember Him ever, in sun and rain, day and night, asleep and awake.

Offer service and receive love. This is the recipe for experiencing Divinity. Our love should not be confined to our kith and kin. It must extend beyond the family to society as a whole, then to the nation at large and finally embrace the whole world.

Whatever books you may read, you cannot realize the Divine merely by intellectual effort. One must put it into practice. That sense of oneness can only be promoted by the practice of love and not by any other means.

It is not what you have achieved that is important. It is the broadness of heart that has motivated you to do work that counts. Being broad minded with a selfless attitude, humility and obedience, you should try to share the difficulties of others around you. It is the purity of heart that is more important than the magnitude of the work itself.

Our relationships are heart to heart relationships. Ours is a business of love, not a business of money or materials.

For the progress of humanity, work alone is not adequate, but the work should be associated with love, compassion, right conduct, truthfulness and sympathy. Without the above qualities, selfless service cannot be performed.

God will not ask you when and where you did service? He will ask, with what motive did you do it? What was the intention that prompted you? You may weigh the service and boast of its quantity. But God seeks quality - the quality of heart, the purity of mind, the holiness of motive.

Living with God is education Living for God is Service Living in God is Realization

Unity is Divinity. Purity is Enlightenment.

Reform the body, reconstruct the mind, regulate the way of living, then, the country will become automatically strong and prosperous.

Before you speak, Think - Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it hurt anyone? Will it improve on the silence?

The first step is the cleansing of the speech. Talk sweet without anger. Do not boast of your scholarship or attainments. be humble, eager to serve; conserve your speech. Practice silence. That will save you from squabbles, frittering thoughts and faction.

Spend a few minutes every morning and evening in the Silence of your own shrine or home; spend them with the highest of all the Powers that you know of. Be in His elevating and Inspiring company; worship Him mentally; offer unto Him all the work you do; you will come out of the silence nobler and more heroic than when you went in.

Forget the harm that anyone has done to you, and forget the good that you have done to others.

There is only one royal road for the spiritual journey...Love

Be Silent yourself, that will induce Silence in others. Do not fall into the habit of shouting, talking long and loud. Reduce contacts to the minimum. Carry with you an atmosphere of quiet contemplation, wherever you happen to be.

Learn the value of Silence, of single minded remembrance of the Lord, of the association with spiritually kin. These will stand you in good stead, when distress assails you.

The less you talk, the more will become your mental power. With the increase in your mental capacity, there will be increase in your power of discrimination too. Consequently, you will give up "individual discrimination". Because of this, you will begin to consider the good of the world at large rather than your own individual welfare. You must cultivate such broad feelings from this young age itself.

The voice of God can be heard in the region of your heart when the tongue is stilled and the storm is tilled and the waves are calm. There will be no temptations for others to shout when you talk to them in whispers. Set the level of the tone yourself; as low as possible, as high as necessary to reach the outermost boundary of the circle you are addressing. Conserve sound, since it is a treasure, an emanation from God Himself. Reason can prevail only when arguments are advanced without the whipping up of sound. Silence is the speech of the spiritual seeker. Soft sweet speech is the expression of genuine love.

Hate screeches, fear squeals, conceit trumpets. But love sings lullabies. It soothes. It applies balm. Practice the vocabulary of love; unlearn the language of hate and contempt.

Silence is the only language of the realized. Practice moderation in speech. That will help you in many ways. Most misunderstandings and factions arise out of carelessly spoken words. When the foot slips, the wound can be healed; but when the tongue slips, the wound it causes in the heart of another will fester for life. The tongue is liable to four big errors: uttering falsehood, scandalizing, finding fault with others, and excessive speech. All these have to be avoided if there is to be goodness for the individual as well as for society.

Good works never languish for want of funds; the Lord will come to their rescue. Only it may take some time; do not lose heart... You should not collect money in devious ways. Help should come from pious hearts, from well earned money, from persons who know and appreciate the purpose for which they give. That is why I oppose all benefit shows, where you tempt people with a dance or a drama or a film and collect money for your pet plan.

In all effort, if you trust in a Higher Power which is ready to come to your help, work is made easy. This comes out of reliance on the Lord, the source of all Power. When you travel by train, you have only to purchase the ticket, enter the proper train and take a seat, leaving the rest to the engine. Why should you carry the bed and trunk on your head? So too put your trust in the Lord and carry on to the best of your ability.

You have been born because you did not pass in certain subjects; there is some balance of experience which you must acquire to complete the course. If you get convinced that your true nature is God, then you have finished the course and 'passed'.

You should see that no dirt settles upon the mind; that is to say, you should move about in such company that dirt is avoided. Falsehood, injustice, indiscipline, cruelty, hate -- these form the dirt; Truth, Patience, Generosity and Kindness -- these form the clean elements. If you inhale the pure air of these latter, your mind will be free from evil bacilli and you will be mentally sturdy and physically strong.

The year becomes new, the day becomes holy, when you sanctify it by spiritual discipline, not otherwise.

All life is one, my dear son, be alike to every one.

Do not crave for recognition and respect from others; crave rather for winning grace from the Lord.

God is love, live in love.

The Lord will be watching with a thousand eyes the least activity of man to discover any slight trace of selfless love sweetening it.

A sound mind ensures a sound body; a sound body ensures a sound mind.

The body will shine if the character is fine; service of man and worship of God will preserve its charm.

The peace that pervades the heart can never be shaken for any reason; only peace of this kind is worthy of the name.

Love all beings; that is enough.

The grace of God is like insurance. It will help you in your time of need without any limit.

The service of man is the only means by which you can serve God.

God is in you God is in every word of yours, Every deed and thought. Speak, do and think as befits Him.

Do not seek to discover or discuss the evil in others, for the attempt will tarnish your own minds.

Life is: Loving Listening Lifting Learning Living

Thinking, discriminating and practice - all three constitute the basic human characteristics.

Education should build character.

Its is Truth and Truth alone, that is one's real friend, relative.

Faith is like our life breath. It is impossible to live even for a minute in this world without faith.

Resolve to carry on the quest of your own Reality.

Hatred sprouts; Envy raises its hood. Love sprouts; Peace descends like dew.

Life is the car, your heart is the key, God is the chauffeur.

Expand yourselves; do not contract into your own tiny individuality.

Foster Love Live in Love Spread Love

Have the name and form of God as your companion, guide and guardian throughout the toils of the waking hours.

When you retire for the night offer grateful homage to God for being with you all day long.

The present is a product of the past, but it is also the seed for the future.

Experience that is drawn through any of the senses has an effect on one's health.

The mind sees separateness, Love sees unity.

Head in the forest; Hands in society

Today's man is pursuing unrestrained sense cravings. These pursuits drag man's mind into the gutter.

A man's well-being depends upon his degree of contentment.

Every living being in this world is knowingly or unknowingly on a spiritual pilgrimage.

Every one is the embodiment of God.

Character is the most precious gift of education.

Life is a challenge, meet it ! Life is a dream, realize it ! Life is a game, play it ! Life is Love, enjoy it !

You are all members of the same family, bound by the Religion of Love.

True education is not for a mere living, but for a fuller and meaningful life.

Devotion is not a uniform to be worn on certain days and then to be put aside.

If the mind of man is not reformed and purified then all the plans to reform the world will be futile.

What God gives is never exhausted. What man gives never lasts.

Love must express itself as Service.

Man has to recognize the indebtedness to society and his duty towards it.

You must make the mind the servant of God, not the slave of the senses.

Good company is important, it helps to cultivate good qualities.

As close as you are to God, so close is God to you.

The synthesis of pure, calming food is breathing pure air, listening to good sounds, looking at good sights, and touching pure objects.

We must control our desires. Don't waste money Don't waste time Don't waste food Don't waste energy

I - Want - Peace "I" is ego. "Want" is desire. Remove ego and desire and you have peace.

The gift of food to the hungry is the noblest of all gifts.

When we sit for the meal, we feel light and effortless. When we are done, we should rise with the same feeling of lightness and effortlessness.

Love sees all as one Divine family.

Love...doesn't allow any room for pettiness or narrow outlook.

We should realize that man has not only a mind which conceives thoughts, but also a heart which can put them into practice.

The teachers of tomorrow are the students of today.

Renunciation is the power of battling against evil forces and holding the mind in check.

The heart of man, which is now allowed to lie fallow, has to be plowed by spiritual exercises like repetition of God's name.

Teachers must be examples of Love and Truth.

Being an example is the best form of Service.

Desire makes man forget his real nature and reduces him to be status of a beast.

Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish and the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes.

Dedicate all your thoughts, words, and deeds to Him.

Man will realize his mission on earth when he knows himself as Divine and reveres others as Divine.

God gave you the time, space, cause, material, idea, skill, chance, and fortune. Why should you feel as if your are the doer?

If you give up and surrender to the lord, He will guide you and guard you.

Ignorance is the most important cause of sorrow.

Once we surrender our mind to God completely, He will take care of us in every way.

Learn to speak what you feel, and act what you speak.

Small minds select narrow roads; expand your mental vision and take to the broad road of helpfulness, compassion and service.

Politics without principles, Education without character, Science without humanity, and Commerce without morality Are not only useless, but positively dangerous.

Have constructive thoughts; consoling words; compassionate acts.

Try to conduct yourself in such a way as not to injure others.

W \ / Words \ / A \ / Action \ / T \ your Thoughts / \ C / \ Character / \ H / \ Heart

A nation that has no bridle on its sensuality can never thrive or survive.

God is all Names and all Forms

The first thing you have to do, to impress upon your mind the reality, is to recite the name of God and dwell on His Glory in the mind.

Character is to be sought more than intellect.

The attitude today is the root on which the future grows.

If there is righteousness in the heart, There will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, There will be harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, There will be order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, There will be peace in the world.

Friendship is the expression of unshakable Love. Love that is noble, pure, free from desire or egoism.

Meditation is nothing else but rising above desires.

When you take one step towards God, God takes ten towards you.

Service should not be exhibitionistic, you must seek no reward, not even gratitude or thanks from the recipient.

You cannot see Me, but I am the Light you see by. You cannot hear Me, but I am the Sound you hear by. You cannot know Me, but I am the Truth by which you live.

The food we consume should be tasty, sustaining and pleasant; It should not be too hot or too salty; there must be a balance and an equilibrium maintained.

Real happiness lies within you.

Detachment is sacrifice.

Example, not precept, is the best teaching aid.

Base all educational efforts on building up of the character of the students, and then you can confidently think of raising on in the super-structure of curricula.

The mother is the pillar of the home, of society, of the nation, and so of humanity itself.

You are all separate beads strung together on that one thread, God.

Nourish your aged parents; revere them.

Your thoughts, words and deeds will shape others and theirs will shape you.

Love of the country is the basis on which you can build love for world community.

Always respect other's opinion and other's point of view.

Spirituality is an activity. It is an activity of the Divinity within.

If you honor your mother, the Mother of the universe will guard you against harm.

If you honor your father, the Father of all Beings will guard you.

Love expands; it does not limit itself to boundaries.

If you honor your parents, your children will honor you.

A language is as sweet as the tongues of the speakers.

The whole world is One Single Tree; The different countries are it's branches; It's root is God; Human beings are the flowers; Happiness is the fruit; Self-realization is the sweet juice therein.

The beauty of life depends upon our good habits.

To reform: First weed out the evil thoughts and bad habits. Second cultivate good habits.

When the road ends, and the goal is gained, the pilgrim finds that he has traveled from himself to himself.

Do not preach; practice.

Man loves because he is Love. He seeks Joy, for he is Joy. He thirsts for God; for he is composed of God and he cannot exist without Him.

By peace, western countries mean the interval between two wars. That is no peace ! When man thinks, speaks, and does good - peace will ensue.

Where there is Love, there God is evident.

God is the Life-breath of every soul.

One single act of service offered to God whom you visualize in another is worth all the years of yearning for God.

Wealth has to be earned through Righteousness. Desire has to be for Liberation.

Your duty is to serve, not search for faults.

There is no living being without the spark of love; even a mad man loves something or somebody.

Make the home a seat of harmony.

The greatest fear man can have, is the fear of losing God's Love.

God is the mother and father of the world. Our parents are the mother and father of this body.

God is one; there are not many Gods, one for each tribe among men.

Love is one; it transcends caste, color and creed, if it has to be genuine.

Truth is one; there cannot be two. For, two can only be One, occurring twice.

The goal is one; for all roads must lead to the One God.

God is to be recognized in all that exists, all that is charming, suffering, blooming or drooping.

When heart speaks to heart, it is love that is transmitted.

A limit should be placed on the food that we take.

If you know the road and the goal, then you can discover whether you are progressing or not

Make the fullest of your talents and march as long as you can, and pitch the tent nearer the goal, when darkness falls.

Truth is the basis of Righteousness.

Be ever watchful to see that you strive to take in more and more of God into you.

Implant in your Heart: 1. Do not forget God. 2. Do not put faith in the world you see around you. 3. Do not be afraid.

The wise are those who know the self.

Truth has no fear; Untruth shivers at every shadow.

Sensory pleasures are trinkets, trivialities.

God is the doer; You are but the instrument.

Cultivate that attitude of Oneness between men of all creeds, all countries and all continents.

Not through wealth can Immortality be won; it can be won only through renunciation.

Give up; do not grasp in clenched fists. Release; do not bind and get bound.

Eat when you are hungry - not before or after.

Do not waste a single moment, in idling or loose living.

Love of the country is the basis on which you can build love for the world community.

If you safeguard Righteousness, it will, in its turn, safeguard us.

Do not get attached to worldly things and pursuits. Be in the world, but do not let the world be in you.

Whatever He does with you, however He treats you, is the gift that He likes best, to give you!

Work disinterestedly. Content to do one's duty as best as one can.

Aspire now Adore now Achieve now.

Blood has to circulate from head to foot; Love has to circulate from high to low.

Campaign against the temptations of the senses; Conquer inner foes; Triumph over your ego.

Practice alone makes man perfect.

Have the Love of God filling and thrilling your heart; then, you cannot hate anyone.

God is not to be spoken of as coming down or going up, since He is everywhere.

The fulfillment of human life consists in the service that man renders, without any thought of return, in an attitude of selflessness.

Spiritual discipline grows only in a field fertilized by Love.

Be steady, have faith, and reach the Goal safe.

To rectify the world and put it on the proper path, we have to first rectify ourselves and our conduct.

Teachers are reservoirs from which, through the process of education, students draw the water of life.

Knowledge that is not put into practice is like food that is not digested.

Man can realize his mission on the earth only when he knows himself as Divine and when he reveres all others as Divine.

Real Peace of mind has no ups and downs; it cannot be partial in adversity and whole in prosperity.

Instead of making the senses which are at best very poor guides and informants his servants, man has made them his masters.

There may be differences among men, in physical strength, financial status, intellectual acumen; but all are equal in the eye of God.

Discipline trains you to put up with disappointments, every rose has a thorn.

You say, "enjoy"; but it is when you "end joy", that you can really enjoy.

The day when passion is accepted as a mark of womanhood, it will mark the beginning of the end of femininity>

If you feel you are a hundred percent dependent on God, He will look after you and save you from harm and injury.

Love with no expectation of return.

Activity must be dedicated to God, the Highest Good. Then, it will provide health to body and mind.

God is omnipotent. All powerful. God is Omnipresent. Present everywhere. God is Omniscient. All knowing.

God, first; the world next; myself last!

Live on your own earnings, your own resources.

Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.

Each man carries his own destiny in his own hands.

Dreams relating to God are real.

The easiest way to control sensuous desires is to practice altruistic love.

Our good conduct is our true wealth.

If some people say there is no God, it only means that they are at too great a distance to be aware of Him.

Men are born with a helpless lamenting cry; they should die with a smile of happy joy.

Do not belittle any religion or give predominance to any religion.

Love knows no fear and so love needs no falsehood to support it.

Do not use poisonous words against anyone, for, words wound more fatally than even arrows.

You must be a lotus unfolding its petals when the sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it!

Be loving, begin to perceive your inner voice and follow it.

The root is education and the fruit is virtue.

Of all the insanities that harass man, God-madness is the least harmful, and the most beneficial.

You may be able to pay back any debt; but the debt you owe your mother, you never can repay.

Love is the light that guides the feet of man in the wilderness.

Every experience that is drawn through any of the senses has an effect on one's health.

Mine, not thine, this sense of greed is the root of all evil. This distinction is applied even to God! -- my God, not yours! Your God, not mine!

Discipline is the mark of intelligent living.

No one can judge another, for, when another is judged you are yourself condemned.

Love seeks no reward; Love is its own reward.

One without power does not mean lack of physical or mental strength.

Speak soft and sweet; sympathise with suffering and loss and ignorance: try your best to apply the salve of soothing words and timely succor.

The Lord is but a witness; He is above all hate and anger, of attachment derived from "mine" and "thine".

Nothing is to be used as itself, for itself.

"Seeing is believing: I will believe in God only if I see Him;" but are all things seen or heard or touched or tasted, as real as they seem?

Either the Government must have the capacity to educate and reform the people or the people must have the capacity to educate the Government.

Peace - It can come only from the Fountain of Peace within.

It is best to live with honor for just a day than with dishonor for many decades; better a short lived celestial swan than a century-lived crow.

Every sense is an outlet for the energy of man in a direction that binds him to the objective world.

Spiritual progress is right living, good conduct, moral behaviour.

Do all acts as offerings to God; do not classify some as `my work' and some as `His work'.

The reasoning faculty must be employed to distinguish between the limited and the unlimited, the Temporary and the Eternal.

Life is a mirage; It comes from no visible rain; It falls into no recognizable sea.

When the magnet does not attract the needle, the fault lies in the dirt that covers up the needle.

Food should not be too salty, too hot, too bitter, too sweet, too sour.

There should not be any trace of dislike or distrust on the score of nationality, language, caste, economic status, scholarship, age or sex.

The end of knowledge is love. The end of education is character.

Each country is but a room in the mansion of God.

The very joy derived from service reacts on the body and makes you free from disease.

The age period 16 - 30 is a crucial stage, when man achieves best and struggles hardest to achieve.

Man is a spark of the Divine.

All things in creation are subject to the law of change and man too is subject to this law.

Service is spiritual discipline, not a pastime of the rich and well-placed.

Too much food results in dullness of mind.

God alone is the giver of life, the guardian of life, and the goal of life.

All spiritual practice must be directed to the removal of the husk and the revelation of the kernel.

The same current activates all.

Man is now able to soar into space and reach up to the moon; but he is not moral enough to live at peace with his neighbor!

The food that one eats has to be pure, free from the subtle evils radiated by the persons who collect the materials, who cook the dishes, and who serve them.

Whatever is to our advantage will appear right to us; We do not usually look upon a matter from the other fellow's standpoint.

However high a bird may soar, it has sooner or later to perch on a tree top, to enjoy quiet.

The purpose of living is to achieve the `living in God'

When you feel you cannot do good, at least desist from doing evil.

Condemn the wrong and extol the right as soon as you notice either in your children; that will settle them on the straight path.

Awake, Arise and Stop not until the goal is reached.

Limiting birth by artificial means is an absurdly wrong step. The consequences of this act is irresponsible fatherhood or frustrated motherhood.

The mind fixed in the awareness of the One is like a rock, unaffected by doubt, stable, secure.

Instead of making the senses which are at best very poor guides and informants his servants, man has made them his masters.

Jesus said: First - He is a messenger of God. Second - He is the son of God. Third - He and His Father are one.

Women have equal chances and equal rights to attain Godhead

Let the wave of memory, the storm of desire, the fire of emotion pass through without affecting your equanimity.

Silence is the speech of the spiritual seeker

All men are cells in the same divine organism, in the divine body. That should be your faith, your fortune, your fort, your fullness.

No society can find its fulfillment, no social ideal can fructify, without the blossoming of the spirit of man.

Patience is all the strength that man needs.

The earlier years of life are the most crucial, and so the mother and the father have to share the responsibility for the upbringing.

Through the media of films, books, music and the behavior of elders, young minds are excited and aroused into indulgences.

The God of death does not give notice of His arrival to take hold of you. He is not like the photographer who says, "I am clicking, are you ready?"

Whenever you get a little leisure, do not spend it in talking about sundries, but utilize it in meditating on God or in doing service to others.

Greed yields only sorrow; contentment is best.

Whatever acts a good or bad man may do, the fruits thereof follow him and will never stop pursuing him.

It is not the standard of living that is important, but the manner of living.

You must render service out of spontaneous urge from within, with a heart filled with love.

A chance conglomeration of humans does not become a society.

A society has to be welded into a unit by the consciousness of kinship in God.

Unity is divinity; Purity is enlightenment.

Reform the body, reconstruct the mind, regulate the way of living, then, the country will become automatically strong and prosperous.

Forget the harm that anyone has done to you, and forget the good that you have done to others.

There is only one royal road for the spiritual journey...Love.

If one student is bad, only that student is affected. But if one teacher is bad, hundreds of students get spoiled.

Your thoughts play a vital role in shaping your life.

Religion is three-fourths character.

The present is a product of the past, but it is also the seed for the future.

Open the gates of wisdom, tear the veil of ignorance, enter the abode of Divine Bliss. Rest in peace forever.

Form a group, where you meet and exchange truths and virtuous talk; where you study holy books and discourses on the glory of God.

All work is God's. He inspires, He helps, He executes, He enjoys, He is pleased, He reaps, He sowed.

Have faith in yourself. When you have no faith in the wave, how can you get faith in the ocean?

Do not contemplate on death; it is just an incident in life; contemplate on God, who is the master of all life.

You must welcome tests because it gives you confidence and it ensures promotion.

So long as you say 'I am' there is bound to be fear, but once you say and feel 'I am God' you get unconquerable strength.

By eating flesh one develops violent tendencies and animal diseases.

Do not get swelled up when people praise you and do not feel dejected when people blame you.

Serve man until you see God in all men.

Knowledge without devotion to God produces hatred.

What is the unmistakable mark of a wise man? It is love, love for all humanity.

Service springs out of love and it scatters love in profusion.

Soft sweet speech is the expression of genuine love.

Mankind can find happiness only in unity, not in diversity.

Philosophy that cannot be understood, scriptures that are not practised - it is a waste of time to talk of them.

Anger is the harvest of the bewitching mind; it enslaves man and fogs his understanding.

People are born for different tasks, but in order to survive every one requires the same nourishment; inner peace.

Whatever the trouble, however great the sorrow, persist and win by recollecting the Lord.

Those who have gone through pain and suffering can understand and sympathise with those who are in pain

The basic Truth in all religions, irrespective of country or race is one and the same.

Whenever and wherever you put yourself in touch with God, that is the state of meditation.

The mind is a bundle of desires - remove the threads of attachment one by one; at the end the 'cloth' disappears and the mind is clear and pure.

Practice silence - for the voice of God can be heard in the region of your heart only when the tongue is stilled and storm is stilled and the waves are calm.

Practice the vocabulary of love - unlearn the language of hate and contempt.

God is in you, around you, behind you, above you, beside you.

Of all the righteous acts, help rendered to those needing it, is the most righteous.

Surrendering the fruit of action to the Lord is real sacrifice.

My birthday is the date when divinity blossoms in your heart.

God is neither distant nor distinct from you.

What is offered to God is totally free from all defects and imperfections.

The joy that we cause in the heart of God is the only worthwhile achievement.

The acid test by which an activity can be confirmed as holy or sacred is to examine whether it promotes attachment or avoids bondage.

Body is like a flashlight. Eye is like the bulb Mind is the battery cell Intelligence is the switch Only when the four work together do you get the light.

Any happiness that you can give to others will result in happiness for yourself in the end. Man must realize that he cannot get anything without sharing it with humanity around him. So, you must believe that happiness of the people around you will lead to your own happiness in due course.

Illnesses are caused more by malnutrition of the mind than of the body. I will recommend the repetition of the Name of God. That is Vitamin G. That is the medicine; regulated life and habits are 2/3 of the treatment, while the medicine is just 1/3 only.

It is only when you have both divine grace and human endeavor that you can experience bliss, just as you can enjoy the breeze of a fan only when you have both a fan and the electrical energy to operate it.

Do not think that only those who worship a picture or image with pompous paraphernalia are devotees. Whoever walks straight along the moral path, whoever acts as he speaks and speaks as he has seen, whoever melts at another's woe and exults at another's joy .... is a devotee, perhaps a greater devotee.

This is bad; this is good - can such judgements be ever made about anything in God's creation when all are manifestations of His will?.

Love is one without a second. When this love is directed towards the world, it is called attachment, and when directed towards God, it is called devotional love.

The play is His The role is His gift The lines are written by Him He directs, He decides the dress and decoration, The gesture and the tone, The entrance and the exit. You have to act well to receive His approbation When the curtain falls Earn by your efficiency and enthusiasm The right to play higher and higher roles That is the meaning and purpose of life

Living with God is the true education Living for God is the true devotion Living in God is the true spirituality.

A bubble of water is born out of water. It is made up of water. It ultimately mixes with water and disappears. As in this analogy, man is like a bubble and God is like the source, "water". Man is born out of God, is made up of Him and ultimately merges with Him.

A pure thought from a pure heart is better than a mantra.

A zero will get its value only if it is placed after an integer. So also a "Jeeva" will get some value only if it is placed in conjunction with divinity.

Accommodate all forms of God in your heart. Do not exclude some and welcome others. Accept all achievements and failures as proofs of the grace of God.

Adoration, affection and attachment are the flowers. Devotion and dedication are the fruits. When they ripen they fill themselves with the sweet sustaining juice called wisdom.

Ambition to earn fame in the world, to gain some position of authority over men, to lead a luxurious life can never ensure mental peace.

An expansive mind is more laudable than an expert brain. One person shedding love is more desirable than a hundred hard hearted companions.

An iron box is essential to keep safe the precious stones. So too the body is essential to keep safe the precious gifts of virtue, love and discrimination.

Anger, ego, jealousy are the biggest diseases. Keep yourself aloof from these three diseases.

Anger cannot be destroyed by anger and cruelty by cruelty. Anger can be subdued only by forbearance and cruelty can be overcome only by nonviolence.

Anger is like an intoxicant; it reduces man and degrades him to the level of an animal.

As long as the sugar is on the tongue, you feel the sweetness in taste. Similarly, so long as the heart has love, peace and devotion, you feel bliss.

As the food, so the mind. As the mind, so the thought. As the thought, so the act.

At all times, engage yourself in serving others.

Be a servant; a servant of God. Feel that you are an instrument in His hand. Let Him shape you and use you as He knows best.

Be clear and content Be moderate and wise Be vigilant and steady. Be earnest and sweet.

Be good, Do good, See good - this is the way to God.

Be guarded against the 'evil of the tongue', 'evil of the mind' and 'evil of the hand'.

Be like a star which never wavers from the crescent, but is fixed in steady faith. Be like a lotus which is not affected by the water in which it is born.

Be what you profess to be. Speak what you intend to do. Utter what you have experienced. No more. No less.

Believe that God is one, though he is addressed and prayed to by different groups of people in different names.

Believe that there is no morality higher than truth, there is no prayer more fruitful.

Believe that there is nothing greater than truth; nothing sweeter, nothing more precious and nothing more lasting.

Bend before the lowly, the humbly, the Godly, the good. Do not bend before the proud; the promoters of hate and greed.

Sweet song cleanses and purifies the atmosphere by its vital vibrations. It inspires, instructs, it calls and comforts.

Devotion is as essential for experiencing Bliss as blood is essential for the body.

Be like the ant. When the ant gets a mixture of sand and sugar, it selects only sugar; it neglects sand. See only good in others. Pay no attention to the bad.

Body is a house given to you for rent. Live there so long as He wills, thanking him and paying Him the rent of faith and devotion.

By chanting the name of the Lord sanctify your time. By singing His glory, sanctify your life. Always continuously develop a pure heart for the welfare of the world.

Calamity, danger, death cannot be avoided for all time. They are inevitable factors of life and you have to learn to live bravely with them.

Chanting the name of the Lord must be considered as the highest form. You can travel anywhere in the light of this name. In this age of Kali Yuga, the easiest way to reach the Lord, is this chanting of the Lord's name. There is nothing more sacred than this name.

Character is the most precious gift of education. Without character, wealth, education and social status are of no avail.

Close your eyes to the faults of others, but keep them open to discover your own.

Consider the entire society as your home, only then you will realize genuine unity with all.

Constant dwelling with the name of the Lord gives that unshakeable peace unaffected by the ups and downs of life.

Command the mind, regulate your conduct, keep your heart straight and clear, then you will get the grace of God.

Concentration is a conscious activity and meditation is a super conscious experience.

Contentment is the most precious treasure. Contentment alone can lead man to the goal of life, the attainment of divinity.

Cows may be of different breeds or colors or sizes, but milk they yield is the same, the world over. So too, all religions, whatever their origin or extent of influence, are means to teach man this process.

Creation is divine; imitation is human.

Dedicate all your physical possession and mental skills and intellectual attainments to the service of the Lord.

Desire is storm, greed is whirl-pool, pride is precipice, attachment is avalanche and ego is volcano. Discard these and you will be liberated.

Dedicate your hands to the service of mankind, never deviate from that attitude.

Dedication ensures success; purifies inner vision, gives lasting joy.

Desires, disappointments and despair cause diseases. Filling the mind with the thought of God is the curative drug.

Develop the quality of love that asks for no return, develop divine knowledge and develop the inner vision.

Devotion is the sustenance of the heart, just as food is the sustenance for the body; devotion to duty is the highest form of worship to God.

Devotion is not a uniform to be worn on certain days when you gather for worship and then to be laid aside when the service is over.

Devotion to God does not mean merely offering worship in a shrine. One must recognize the form of Divine in the images one worships or human being one serves.

Devotion truly means worshipping the Lord, not caring for the fruits of one's actions.

Discipline is the mark of intelligent living; it is more essential for success in spiritual effort.

Dive and declare the depth, eat and judge the taste.

Divine bliss cannot be gained by accumulation of impediments like cars and houses, land and gold, stocks and stores.

Divinity is not manufactured by any company nor available in any shop. It is not something that can be earned from outside, it has to sprout and grow from within and treasured within.

Divine is the inner core of all beings, near and far, big or small. Expand your consciousness to its utmost limits.

Do and dedicate, Work and worship, Plan and protect, But do not worry about the fruit, That is the secret of spiritual success.

Do good deeds, you get good in return. Do bad deeds, you reap bad results; do not blame God, thank yourself, blame yourself.

Doing one's duty, however small, in an unattached manner gives rise to the awakening of self awareness.

Do not be affected when the results you anticipate are not produced; do not anticipate at all, but leave it to God.

Do not depend on others to serve your needs, become your own servant before proceeding to serve others.

Do not get puffed up when you succeed. Do not get punctured when you fail.

Do not give room for differences based on language, religion, caste or nationality. Develop the feeling that all are children of God. You may worship God in any form of your choice, but always bear in mind that God is one. Cultivate love and promote unity and harmony among all.

Do not give up worldly duties, but do them with the Name of God on your lips inviting the Grace of God on your heads.

Do not lay claim to long life but to divine life; do not pine for more years on earth, but for more virtues in the heart.

Each has his particular duty, task, role as an individual; do that duty, carry on that task. Play that role as best as you can; that is how one can fulfill himself.

Earning money cannot be the purpose of education; acquiring good qualities can be the only purpose of education.

Education does not mean only giving meaning to the words. Whatever is learnt in schools and colleges has to be practiced and has to be used for the welfare of the society. That is true education.

Education is a wasteful process unless knowledge is transformed into wisdom and wisdom is expressed in character.

Education is to be valued not as a means of earning one's livelihood, but as the essential requisite for a happy, peaceful and progressive life.

Education must ultimately mean: "E" for Enlightenment "D" for Duty and Devotion "U" for Understanding "C" for Character "A" for Action "T" for Thanking "I" for Integrity "O" for Oneness "N" for Nobility

Education should be divorced from job hunting. Its primary purpose should be to enable the educated to lead an honourable and meaningful life in society.

Education without character, politics without principles and commerce without morality are not only useless, but positively dangerous.

Ego lives by getting and forgetting. Love lives by giving and forgiving.

Engage always in good deeds, beneficial activities, speak the truth, do not inflict pain by word or deed or even thought. That is the highest gain which you can earn in this life.

Every action of yours at the present time is bound to have a reaction, resound and reflection in the future.

Every human being is has a body which is like a chariot and has a charioteer, which is the Atma. This is universally true and this is the basis of the unity and diversity of in all mankind.

Every human being has four birthdays: the first is when he emerges from his mother's womb; the second is when he begins his spiritual study to lead him from darkness to light; third is when he has gained wisdom for achieving self realization; the fourth and last is when he realizes his true identity and merges with Brahman.

Every passing minute is a precious gift from God which you have to use for the best and most lasting benefit.

Every rise will be followed by a fall, every elation will be followed by depression.

Feel that you are a hundred percent dependent on God, He will look after you and save you from harm and injury.

Feel that your family, your house, your fields, your cars are all the Lord's property and that you are only the trustee.

Feel the presence of God when silence reigns; in the excitement and confusion, you cannot hear His 'Foot Fall'.

Friendship should not be based on consideration of fear and favor, sacred friendship is that which enables one to help others at all times and in all circumstances.

Get the doctor who would assure 'hereafter you will not fall ill' and not the doctor who gives some relief to the present attacks.

'Gift' is a meritorious act, if it is rendered to the needy at the time of need, in a manner that fulfils the need, it must be made without pride and publicity.

Give up in order to gain; restrain in order to receive; become blind in order to see more clearly.

Giving is gaining. Gaining is grieving.

Giving up one's evil thoughts constitutes sacrifice and yoga - leaving one's wife, giving up one's material possessions and repairing to the forest will be of no avail.

Goal of human life is not just eating, drinking, sleeping, tasting a little joy and grief and finally dying like any bird or beast; the goal is the realization of the eternal absolute.

God acts as creator, protector and destroyer. You must show your gratitude to God by your actions, not your words.

God can be addressed by any name that tastes sweet to your tongue or pictured in any form that appeals to your sense of wonder and awe.

God cannot be won by tricks or through short cuts, He can be won only by the hard way of struggle, detachment and tough discipline.

God does not appreciate external pomps and exhibitionistic behaviour. God does not take revenge if you do not recognize Him or revere Him.

God does not calculate the cost of all which you surrender at His feet; He examines the spirit in which it is surrendered.

God does not draw you near or keep you far; God does not deny anyone, it is only you who deny God.

God does not live in structures of stone or brick, He lives in soft hearts, warm with sympathy and fragrant with universal love.

God grants you what you need and desire; there is no reason to ask, no reason to grumble.

God has given you the heart to use in life, return it to Him as clean and as pure.

God has no desire to bless nor anger to induce Him to punish. You get blessed and punished as a result of your own feelings and acts.

God has no preference and prejudices. He is but reaction and resound.

God has not made any one wholly bad or wholly good; your likes and dislikes are inducing you to label them such.

God is all mercy, adore Him so long as you have breath, so long as you are conscious.

God is all names and all forms, He cannot be identified with one name and one form; the whole universe is inhabited by God.

God is always ready to give you all that you want but you do not seem to know what is good for you and what you really want, so it is better and easier to surrender yourself completely to God and simply ask for His Grace.

God is nameless, but He responds when His name, in any one of the many, is taken by the seeker.

God is not attracted by your appearance, He will look at the cleanliness of the inner self.

God is not involved in either rewards or punishment. He only reflects, resounds and reacts; He is the eternal unaffected witness.

God is not somewhere away from you, someone distinct from you, He is in you, before you, behind you.

God is the sugar that can make the tasteless drink of life into a sweet potion.

God sees your devotion and not power; God cares for your quality and not your caste; God looks at your heart and not at your wealth.

God will respond only when you call Him from the depth of feeling. He will be deaf even if you call him a million times automatically and artificially with the tongue and not with the heart.

Grace of God is equal on all, but it leaks through the holes of anger, ego, lust, greed and desires. Fill the holes with trust, kindness, love, patience and gratefulness.

Hands are given to us so that we may perform good acts and offer the flower of service to the Lord.

Hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

However you are, you are mine. I will never give you up. Wherever you are, you are near me. You cannot go beyond my reach.

I do not need your garlands and fruits, they are not genuinely yours, give me something that is yours, something which is clean and fragrant with the perfume of virtue and innocence and washed in the tears of repentance.

I do not reveal or refuse, it is for you to discover and decide.

I do not take anything from anyone except their love and devotion.

I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith, so that the Christian becomes a better Christian, the Muslim a better Muslim and the Hindu a better Hindu.

If God is a flower, you should feel yourself a bee that sucks its honey, if he is tree, be a creeper that clings to it, if he is the sky, be a tiny star that twinkles in it. Above all, be conscious of the truth that you and He are bound by supreme love.

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

If thought and activities of the mind are sound, healthy, non-violent, filled with love and morally harmonious, then peace is near at hand.

In all the deeds that you perform, in all the individuals that you meet and in all the thoughts that you entertain, you must see the divine and act accordingly.

In an office if you work full time, you get full pay; if you work part time, you get half pay. In the same manner, if you give only part of your mind and ask for full return of the grace of God, it is asking for full pay for half work.

In order to gain the benefit that education can confer, it must be directed towards the cleansing of the inner instruments of thought and feeling. It has to promote and protect the pleasure of spiritual learning.

In the garden of your heart, plant and foster the rose of divinity, the jasmine of purity and humility, the champak of generosity.

In the medicine chest, one must keep in readiness tablets of discrimination, drops of self control, the powers of faith, devotion and patience. Only then one can be freed of the illness of ignorance.

In the path of life there are no hurdles:- young, high or low, man or women, all are equally entitled to tread it.

You can find Truth, if you rid your mind of all modifications and modulations. Let it be transformed from its present complex confusion into some thing like the sky, which does not bear any mark, though millions of birds fly through it and thousands of planes move across it. Be unaffected, untouched, unattached. That will reveal the reality.

Influence of divinity is such that while you are contemplating it all trace of envy and greed will disappear from the mind.

Install the Lord in your heart and offer Him the fruits of your actions and the flowers of your inner thoughts and feelings. That is the worship I like most, the devotion I appreciate most.

Instead of indulging in vain prattle, glorify God and walk in His path and pray to Him. Spend the allotted span of years in the contemplation and the adoration of the Almighty, not in servile praise of the feeble, the futile and the weak. Life is an opportunity afforded to each, not to eat and drink, but to achieve something nobler and grandeur, to master oneself and merge in the reality.

It is an act of merit to be of service to others, it is a sin to harm others.

Its is more sacred and sanctifying to fill our hearts with love than to fill our hearts with all kinds of books on spiritual matters.

It is of no use if you simply utter the name of the God and if you do not follow the good things, it is just like uttering the name of penicillin when you are running a high temperature.

It is only by means of purity of mind, can you come close to the Lord.

Just as sugar cane does not yield sugar juice unless it is crushed, as sandal wood does not give the fragrant paste unless it is rubbed on the stone, so the goodness of people does not come out unless they go through difficulties.

Karma cleanses the mind if it is done as a dedicatory act, the consequence being left to the will of the Lord. Repentance saves even sinners from perdition. No ceremony of expiation is as effective as sincere repentance.

Keep away from impure listening, impure acts, impure words, impure thoughts.

Keep the name of the Lord always radiant on your tongue and mind, that will keep the antics of the mind under control.

Knowing the way is not enough. The path must be traversed to reach the destination. That journey is service to society.

Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful, knowledge without character is a powerful evil. Knowledge without action is useless; action without knowledge is foolishness.

Learn to adopt, adjust and accommodate. Learn to give, not to take, learn to serve, not to rule.

Less luggage, more comfort is a slogan for a journey of life; reduce desires, loosen attachment, you will win freedom.

Let the name of the Lord come from the core of your heart. It should not come merely from the lips. It should be chanted with love and faith.

Let your boat be on the waters, but do not allow the waters to enter the boat. Be in the world, but not of it. That is the secret of a truly happy life.

Life can be peaceful only when you can control excitement of your body and mind, life is undoubtedly incomplete without thought about God.

Life is a journey from "I" to "WE".

Life is enveloped in the bitter skin of lust, anger, greed, attachment and jealousy; remove the skin and throw it away so that the sweetness can be tasted.

Love in thought is truth. Love in action is right conduct. Love in understanding is peace. Love in feeling is non-violence.

Love lives by giving and forgiving; self lives by getting and forgetting.

Love saturates all activities with joy and peace. Love ennobles the least and the lowest. Love yourself for the God that it embodies. Love others for the God that is enshrined in them.

Love the Lord's creation as much as the Lord Himself. Then the tree of life will yield sweet fruit.

Measure the height you have reached with the yard stick of virtue, serenity, fortitude and equanimity.

Mind, word and act, all three must be filled with the belief that all is His play, that is the genuine path.

Name of the God is the rifle which guards you against the beasts of prey in the jungle of life. Name of God is the most effective tonic, it will keep off all illness.

Not by wealth or progeny, neither by reading or listening but only by sacrifice can you get the vision of the divine. Sacrifice of ego is the highest discipline.

Objective possessions and subjective passions are handicaps in the race of realization.

Offer God real flower grown in the garden of your heart; fragrant, beautiful and delighting.

Offering all the deeds of man at the feet of the Lord is the real yajna. Every action performed by man must be considered as an offering to the Lord and as the Lord's work itself.

Only in fear of sin can you experience peace and non-violence. Only in love of God can you foster truth and love. In social morality you can experience righteousness.

Only through renunciation can immortality (oneness with God) be attained.

Peace of mind cannot be gained by wealth or fame or skill. It can be achieved only through sacrifice.

Peace or distraction, calm or anxiety, it is the product of one's thoughts and deeds.

Prayer alone makes life happy, harmonious and worth living in this universe. Prayer brings man and God together and with every sigh nearer and nearer.

Prayer is the yearning one experiences to awaken the divinity latent in the heart. Prayer is not pronouncing of words.

Prayer reveals the real secret of life, prayer will succeed when thoughts are pure.

Properties are not proper ties.

Pursuit of material pleasures will be like nectar at first, but like poison at the end.

Religions are many, but the road is the same. Flowers are many, but worship is the same, professions are many but living is the same.

Remember that God is not someone else, but one's own inner self.

Remember that if there is anything sweeter than all sweet things, more auspicious than all auspicious things, holier than all holy objects, verily it is the name of the Lord.

Remember there is no morality higher than truth.

Remove from the garden of your heart, the thorny bushes of greed, anger, jealousy and selfishness.

Reverence for all life in thought, word and deed is non-violence.

Science is below the mind, spirituality is beyond the mind.

Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

Service is the ship by which one can cross the ocean of life.

Service to man is the highest form of worship. Do not offend or harm anyone.

Service taken up as discipline teaches patience.

So long as man is not able to push away the clouds of selfishness, he cannot look at the sun of wisdom.

Success or failure is your own making. You decide your destiny. The Lord has no share in deciding it.

Suffering entitles you more to the Grace of the Lord. When suffering comes in waves, one behind the other, be glad that the shore is near, bear them bravely. Like cowards, do not throw the blame on some outside power or develop dislike for the Lord.

The bird with you - the wings with me. The foot with you - the way with me. The eye with you - the form with me. The thing with you - the dream with me. The world with you - so we are bound. So we begin - and so we end. You in me - and I in you.

The day when we understand that every thing belongs to God, that will be the dawn of knowledge.

The essence of all the Puranas and Vedas is "Do good to others and keep away from doing harm to others".

The good hearted man who professes no religion is the truly religious man.

There is nothing in the universe higher than God; different from God; distinct from God.

Those who walk with God always reach their destination.

Through reading you gather information but through service you get transformation.

Truth is the sustaining factor behind all, it is the very core and essence of divine life.

Unless God's Grace and human effort come together the result cannot be achieved.

Use the body as a boat to cross the ocean of life with devotion and detachment.

Water flows from a higher level to the lower. God's Grace too flows down to those who are bent with humility.

We do no get what we desire, we get what we deserve.

Wealth that you hoard is not yours, wealth that you have given is really yours.

Yesterday has deceived you and gone, tomorrow is a doubtful visitor. Today is a fast friend, hold fast to it.

You cannot always oblige but you can be obliging.

You cannot claim to be educated or grown up unless you have mastered the science of self control and destroyed the root cause of delusion.

You must give up the luggage of your desires and wishes and thus make life less burdensome.

You must surrender your judgement to the Lord, then Lord will assume full responsibility.

You need offer only two things to God - pure love and selfless service.

Your life can be peaceful only when you can control your excitement of the body and mind.

Your virtue is your shield, your vice is the weapon that inflicts wounds on you.

Destroying pride man becomes endearing; Destroying anger man gets rid of sorrow Destroying desire man acquires peace; Destroying greed man achieves happiness.

Bear in mind the three P's: Purity, Patience and Perseverance. With these three, you are bound to acquire good health and bliss

Action with Love is Right Conduct. Speak with Love and it becomes Truth. Thinking with Love results in Peace. Understanding with Love leads to non-violence

What is devotion? It is not merely offering several types of worship or going on pilgrimage. Unalloyed and true love for love's sake alone constitutes devotion. True devotion is the love flowing from a pure heart unpolluted by selfish motives.

Humanness can be promoted only through spirituality and not by any other means. Just as a seed can sprout only when it is planted in the soil and watered, human values can grow only in a spiritual soil. If a man wants to cultivate human values, he has to apply the manure of spirituality to his heart, water it with love so that human values will grow

While taking food, you should not discuss dreadful incidents. No room should be given to subjects which excite the mind. Silence should prevail during eating. Even sound waves enter into us and affect our minds. Hence people should avoid seeing television while taking food.

Spirituality does not mean leading a lonely ascetic life. Spirituality means getting rid of attachment and hatred and looking upon the whole humanity as one.

I know your name, your degrees, your profession, your status and your history. I know your past, present and future. But you do not know me. That is why sometimes in order to reveal who I am, I myself show my visiting card, something which you call a miracle.

It is not enough to praise God. You have to love Him. You have to become Love itself so that you can love the entire universe. When you become embodiments of Love, you can love all.

To earn the Grace of the Divine, the easy way is surrendering at the Feet of the Lord. There is so much power in the feet of the Lord which you cannot understand. The feet form the basis for not only the physical frame of the body, but also for spiritual and ethical purposes.

There is no greater penance than contentment for securing happiness. There is no worse disease than insatiable desire. There is no greater virtue than compassion. Peace is the highest spiritual discipline.

Hold all your property and wealth in trust for the Lord, who gave them to you. Even you and your family, you must take as a sacred trust, as persons given to you by the Lord to love, foster and guide. Thus you must elevate your attachment into worship and make it an instrument of spiritual progress.

Be like the ant: When the ant gets a mixture of sand and sugar it selects only the sugar. It neglects the sand. See only the good in others; pay no attention to the bad.

Devotion to God does not mean merely offering worship in a shrine or taking part in Bhajan or Sankirtan; one must recognize the form of the Divine in the images one worships or the human beings one serves

The only hold that man has in this dreadful darkness is the name of God. That is the raft which will take Him across this stormy sea darkened by hate and fear, churned by anxiety and terror.

The affection between a mother and a child or between a husband and wife is incidental to a certain temporary relationship and is not real love at all. True Love has neither a beginning nor an end. It exists in all three categories of time - past, present and future. That alone is true Love which can fill man with enduring Bliss.

Discipline grows out of devotion. Devotion stems out of duty. Observe the three D's - Discipline, Devotion and Duty. This is true spirituality. In the performance of every duty there should be devotion. There should be devotion and not diversion.

Fulfillment in life is not attained by physical health and strength alone. Even when the stomach is full, the mind must get the satisfaction. Hence, effort should be made to promote mental health also. Only when both the mind and the body are hale and well, can one experience happiness.

The following is the four fold formula for all people.

Welcome good company. Eschew all association with the evil minded. Perform meritorious acts ceaselessly. Always discriminate between the transient and the ever lasting

Truth is the mother Wisdom is the father Right conduct is the brother Compassion is the friend Peace is the spouse Forgiveness is the son These six alone are the real relations for every one.

It is easy to conquer anger through love, attachment through reasoning, falsehood through truth, bad thoughts through good and greed through charity.

Struggle to realize Atma to visualize God; even failure in this struggle is nobler than the success in other worldly affairs.

A bar of iron sinks in water; but beat it into a hollow vessel and it will float merrily and even carry some weight. So too, man's mind sinks easily in the sea of senses; beat it hollow, hammering it with the Name of the Lord. It will float, safely on a sea of troubles. Do not be like gramophone records singing someone else's song, ignorant of the genuine thrill of music. Sing from your own experience the glory and grace of the Lord.

The easiest and most fruitful method of keeping yourself free from dust and rust is good company. The company of the good and the Godly will slowly and surely chasten and cleanse the persons prone to straying away from straight path towards self realization.

The heart is the film and mind is the lens. Turn the lens towards the world, the worldly picture will fall on the heart; turn it towards God and it will transmit the picture of the divine.

The Lord is the sweetness, you are the sugar; He is fire, you are fuel. He has no heart; every heart where He is installed is His. Cleanse the heart by listening to spiritual discourses, seeking the company of the righteous, simple and sincere and by cultivating goodness of character and sweetness of disposition.

Expansion is the essence of love. When a lamp is lit, from another, there are two where there was one. The first one did not stop emitting light. You can light a million lamps from one; yet the first will not suffer at all! Love too is like this. Share it with a million, it will still be as bright as when it was alone.

Work, Wisdom and Worship are the three paths to God, but because of Desire, Life is warped through Anger. But man can conquer all these weaknesses.

Make your lives simple. Execute the daily tasks in a spirit of love and mutual cooperation. Be tolerant towards the errors and failings of others. Look upon them with sympathy and equanimity. Be calm and without agitations under all conditions. Then your sentiments will be tender and unselfish. Envy, hatred and vindictiveness will not be able to gain entrance in the stronghold of your mind. You will have peace and happiness.

What exactly is duty? Let me summarise it for you. Tend to your parents with love and reverence and gratitude. Speak the truth and act virtuously. Whenever you have time repeat the Name of the Lord with the form in your mind. Never indulge in talking ill of others or try to discover faults in others. Do not cause pain to others in any form

Forbearance is equivalent to truth itself. Forbearance is the heart of righteousness. Forbearance is the very essence of the Veda. Forbearance is non-violence in practice. Forbearance is contentment, it is compassion. Truly it is everything in all the worlds. Only when you have developed patience and forbearance will you be able to obtain the Lord.

Bad deeds never yield good, Good deeds never yield bad. Neem seeds never yield mangoes, Mango seeds never yield neem

On your land, you can grow food as you like or you can be idle and let it lie fallow. You owe yourself the cause of ruin or progress. The tools are in your hands; you can learn the skills and break the shackles and escape, but if you decide to spend life in slavery and bondage, who can save you? Do not blame fate. The status in the present life is decided on your actions in the previous life.

You must realize that the divine current that flows and functions in every living being is the One Universal entity. When you desire to enter the mansion of God, you are confronted by two closed doors - the desire to praise yourself and the desire to defame others. The doors are bolted by envy and there is also the huge lock of egoism preventing entry. So if you are earnest, you have to resort to the key of love and open the lock; then remove the bolt and throw the doors wide open. The education must train you in this difficult operation.

You are God, which is entangled in the body, a wave of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, playing on the ocean of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, which is the Lord.

When the impulses arising from the heart are expressed in words, that is Truth or Sathya. To put into action your words is Dharma. For all these Love is primary. Love in action is righteousness. Love in speech is truth. Love in thought is peace. Love in understanding is non-violence. When you realize that God is in everyone, you will practice non-violence.

In order to light a lamp you need four things - a container, oil, wick and a match stick (fire) to light it. Only by the light of the Divine lamp inside can you blossom as a worthwhile person. The inner purity is the wick in the container of the heart. Devotion is the oil and Divine Grace is the fire with which the lamp of wisdom can be lit. The prime requisite for achieving Divine Grace is to have harmony in thought, word and deed.

Inscribe this on your heart. Inscribe it deep and clear. There are four modes of writing, dependent on the material on which the text is inscribed. The first is writing on water. It is washed out even while the finger moves. The next is writing on sand. It is legible, until the wind blows it into mere flatness. The third is inscription on rocks; it lasts for centuries, but it too is corroded by claws of time. Have this inscribed in your heart - the axiom that "serving others is meritorious, that harming others or remaining unaffected and idle while others suffer, is sin."

The grace of God cannot be won through the gymnastics of reason, the contortions of Yoga or denials of asceticism. Love alone can win it, Love that needs no requital, Love that knows no bargaining, Love that is paid gladly as tribute to all living, Love that is unwavering. Love alone can overcome obstacles, however many and mighty. There is no strength more effective than Purity, no Bliss more satisfying than Love, no joy more restoring than Love, no triumph more praiseworthy than surrender.

You must yourself reason out and discover what exactly will expand your heart and what will breed disquiet, then hold fast to the former and give up the latter. What is the cause of all the troubles and discontent to which many are subjected nowadays? It is the improper use they make of the senses.

In addition to physical penance, one has to engage in vocal control too. Avoid talking too much; desist from statements; do not take delight in backbiting and in scandal mongering; never speak harshly; speak soft and sweet; speak with the memory of love ever in the background of the mind.

The mind should be free from anxiety and worry, hate and fear, greed and pride. It should be saturated with love for all beings. It has to dwell in God. It has to be restrained from pursuing objective pleasures. No lower thought should be allowed to creep in; all thought must be directed towards proper penance of the mind.

In a hill station you wear a coat, a shirt, and a under vest. If you want to see your heart, you have to remove all of them. You cannot recognize your own Self while wearing a coat, shirt and banyan.

As trees do not eat their own fruit, rivers do not drink their own water, cows do not drink their own milk, the body has not been given to man to enjoy pleasures for himself. Every man should recognize the fact that God has given the body to help others.

There is no happiness which is greater than contentment. Man develops many comforts for the pleasure of the human body and thinks that this is happiness. You cannot find happiness without Peace. If there is no contentment, there cannot be Peace.

A mud pot is nothing but mud. Vessels made of gold would be gold and nothing else. A wooden pot is made only of wood, nothing else. Everyone has emerged from God, therefore all are Gods.

Peace and joy can be secured only by realizing that they are ones own nature.

There is nothing bad in the creation of God. Change your attitude and you will see good in everything. Even when you find yourself in troubles say to yourself, "This is good for me." Treat praise and blame with equanimity.

Ego is like an inflated football. When one is inflated with the air of ego, both the good and bad qualities kick the body. The moment ego is gone, the kicking stops and one attends to one's legitimate duties with the feeling that one is only an instrument of the divine.

It is true that many have love for God. But they do not live up to the dictates of the Divine. Those who follow the Divine injunctions in a formal manner, do not act with love for God. It is only when there is a union of love and obedience to God's dictates that one can attain peace of mind.

Prayer has to be united with practice. You should not pray for one thing and practice another. Such prayer is only a means of deception. The words you utter, the deeds you do, the prayers you make must be directed along the same path.

When you have done your best and that is found not enough, then call on ME. I am ever ready to reinforce your efforts with My Grace.

Selflessness, humility, simplicity and unostentatiousness are qualities that underlie the human personality. Along with academic excellence, a student should cultivate good qualities. Education enables you to score marks, but you also need elevation of your personality. Such noble qualities contribute to elevation. Education and elevation combine to develop the human personality.

The sun's image can be seen in an ocean, a river, a lake, a pond or a well. Everywhere the sun appears to be shining. Are there so many different suns? No! The objects reflecting the image of the sun are varied and different from one another. Likewise, names and forms may be different, but in all beings, the same God, without being divided, shines as the indweller. Thus, although bodies may appear with different names and forms, the Divine in them is one.

Where there is attachment, there is hatred, which is a reflection of fear. Fear is born out of attachment, the fear of losing what one has. Attachment and fear breed hatred. These three vices lead man to stray from the virtues of earnestness and faith. Hence, attachment, hatred and fear have to be brought under control.

The heart is the film and the mind, the lens. Turn the lens towards the world, the worldly picture will fall on the heart; turn it towards God, and it will transmit the picture of the Divine.

Surrender implies that the 'individual will' should become one with the 'Divine Will's. Obey the Divine Command implicitly without questioning. That is the sign of true devotion. Whatever God does is for your good.

You consider this habitation of yours as "your" body. No, it is the temple of God! God resides therein. Keep it clean, fresh and fragrant through developing compassion and love. Use the temple of God only for holy thoughts, words and deeds.

What is spirituality? It is the resolute pursuit of cosmic consciousness. It aims at enabling man to manifest, in all its fullness, the Divine Cosmic Consciousness that is present within and outside him. It means getting rid of the animal nature in man. It means breaking down the barriers between God and Nature and establishing their essential oneness.

If you wish to enjoy enduring happiness, you have to fill your mind with pure thoughts and develop fine feelings in your heart. Through good thoughts and good kindly actions, the heart gets pure and holy.

Come out of the well of ego and swim in the ocean of Universal Spirit of which you are a part. Force your mind or persuade it gently and caressingly to breathe the pure and more vital atmosphere of the eternal. Remember God and His Glory, every second, every breath when you repeat one of His names.

We need not do penance nor study the scriptures. What is it that we must do in order to cross the ocean of life, attain Divinity, and find fulfilment in life? We must serve our fellow man with a loving heart. Service in itself is not anything great. We must serve and work with a loving heart. Every small action we may be involved in should be full of Love.

Love must be manifested as service which must take the form of food for the hungry, solace for the forlorn, consolation of the sick and the suffering. Develop compassion. Live in Love. Be Good, Do Good, and See Good. This is the way to God.

If you have no patience, your anger is fruitless. Such anger is even harmful to you. That your anger, which arises from a lack of patience, helps your unhappiness to grow. The ability to control this kind of anger will come only when you can develop equanimity of mind.

If the mind is properly understood and disciplined and is applied to get rid of wicked qualities based on selfishness, it will lead to a purposeful and fruitful life. It is basically due to selfish thoughts that one fails to achieve the goal of human life.

The foolish man who relies only on his mind will degrade himself by becoming worse than a brute. While the wise person who follows the guidance of his power of discrimination (intellect) will become the master of his destiny.

A cleansed heart is the most appropriate altar. In that fragrant bower the Lord will establish Himself. At that instant another incident too will happen: the group of six vices that had infested the place will quit without so much as a farewell. When these vices quit, the wicked retinue of evil tendencies and vulgar attitudes, which thrive on them, will also break camp and disappear, without even leaving their addresses! Then man will shine in his pristine splendour of truth and love, and finally succeed in merging with the Supreme.

There is nothing good or bad in creation. But, as long as body consciousness exists, one has to experience both. For one who lacks intelligence and wisdom, detachment becomes a burden. For one who lacks knowledge, the body becomes a burden. For one who lacks love, the mind becomes a burden.

Man must control his senses to the extent possible. Otherwise, he will suffer grief. Man must not commit the blunder of resigning everything to his fate. With enquiries and determination, one can achieve anything.

Each person is the master of his or her mind. He alone is a true person who understands this reality - that the microcosm is in the macrocosm and the macrocosm is in the microcosm.

When man realises his true form, he is liberated. When man destroys all the desires in him, he is liberated - Destruction of desires is liberation.

Just as one blows of the ash to see the latent fire, one must blow away the ashes of bad qualities on the self. Just as one removes the moss on the water with the hands to reveal crystal clear water, man must remove the moss of sensual pleasures with the hands of good acts.

Sight of the Lord, touching the feet, talking with the Lord gives you liberation from all sins; frees you from the effects of all your actions and destroys all miseries. You heart can attain purity through Divine grace.

Sound is everywhere. Good sounds come from remembering God's name, and benefit everyone. When singing, pitch, rhythm and drums all come together in harmony, beneficial sounds result. When mind (thoughts), words and actions are all in unison, we have Bliss.

We must serve our fellow man with a loving heart. Service in itself is not anything great. We must serve and work with a loving heart. Every small action we may be involved in should be full of Love.

God is in you, before you, behind you, beckoning, guiding, guarding, warning, prompting the inner voice and even speaking with you. He is there ready to respond to the call. Only you are not aware of the phenomenon.

Spirituality is not solitude, living alone. Spirituality is having equal-mindedness toward everyone, living with all and helping all. Mix in society but single- mindedly attach your mind and heart only to God. Be aware of the unity that all is one, then only can one enter into Divinity. Have relationship with Love and God, and attain oneness. Have the feeling of oneness; do not think that you are different from others.

When you have all powers, but lack divine power, you will not succeed. True power is divine power. When one has good company, his life will be full of devotion.

It is not enough that we keep away from bad company; we should join good company, give up bad qualities and develop good qualities.

People think that the merit is attained by giving things in charity and helping others. But this is not the true meaning. The true meaning of charity is spirit; proximity to God, and work. Such deeds take us near to God.

We can be successful leaders only if we are disciplined followers, who do not issue commands to others but rather set an example of service in our actions.

Detachment is not running away to the forest. It is sacrificing negative feelings, desires and delusions.

To live with the awareness that God exists in every one is true devotion. Everyone is God; respect everyone and give them joy and bliss. That is real life and true devotion.

The best way to God is to love all and serve all. Not worldly, material love, but divine love, which is changeless and eternal. Love arises from the mind. Worldly love collapses, perishes and exhausts itself, whereas Divine love is changeless, limitless, and constantly renews itself. God is always with you, in you and around you so you don't need to search for him.

Education should lead one to humility, which in turn equips him with all the eligibility. Eligibility provides him with necessary material wealth, which enables him to do some charitable deeds. Charity makes him happy both in this world and the higher one after this.

If you wish to lead a sacred life and have sacred experiences, you must engage yourself in sacred actions. The good and evil in the world can be changed only by the change in men's actions. Transformation of society must start with transformation of individuals.

Children of Immortality!

Remember that You are created in My Image and Likeness. Perfect. Live up to this Image in all planes. Live like Masters! Walk this Earth with Your Heads held high, Your Spirits soaring, Your Hearts open to Love, and believe in Yourself and GOD with You. Then all will go well. See Me everywhere, talk to Me and Love Me who is in Each. Then from Each I will respond and bring You into Glory. -

Cultivate Unshakeable Faith in God

You should uphold your good conduct. If you want to earn a good name, you should join good company. Tell me your company, I will tell you what you are. As is your company, so you become. Hence, join good company. It is a great good fortune to be associated with good company. Therefore, you should join such good company and try to develop all-round goodness. Even the value of gold may diminish but not the value of goodness. Hence, you should cultivate goodness and earn a good name which will remain forever. First of all, you should develop self-confidence. If you have self-confidence everything will turn out to be good for you.

Wicked Hiranyakasipu subjected Prahlada to all types of sufferings. He attempted to get Prahlada trampled by elephants. Prahlada continued to chant the divine name of Narayana. He was never afraid of elephants. He saw Narayana in elephants also. Hiranyakasipu threw him before snakes but he escaped unharmed. When he was pushed down from a mountain top and thrown into a deep sea, Lord Narayana held him in His arms and saved him. In this manner, one with faith in God will never be put to harm. Hence, you should develop unflinching faith. Your firm faith in God confers on you all types of knowledge. Where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love there is Atma. Atma has no specific name or form. Similarly, faith has no form and divinity is also formless.

Love is God. Live in Love. Truth is God, God is Truth. The entire creation has emerged from truth. The creation emerges from truth and merges into truth, Is there a place in the cosmos where truth does not exist?

One can achieve anything in life with the help of God's grace. When you face all the tests of God with total faith and do your duty, you are sure to succeed. Do you know the depth of faith of overseas devotees? Many of them come to Puttaparthi and live in small hutments. Even then, they are very happy. It is not possible for anyone to describe their happiness which is the result of their unflinching faith. If you have such strong faith in God, He will take care of you wherever you are.

God is your sole refuge wherever you may be, in a forest, in the sky, in a city or a village, on the top of a mountain or in the middle of deep sea

Anniversary of the Sri Sathya Sai School of Business Management Puttaparthi; Prasanthi Nilayam. August 21-22, 2007


Morning Prayer To be said while looking at hands 

On the tip of my fingers resides Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. In the middle of my hands is Saraswathi, the Goddess of knowledge and learning. In the palm of my hands sits Mother Gauri, the Goddess of protection. Visualizing in this manner, I take darshan of my hands every morning

Food Prayer 

Oh Lord, You are the food, You are the enjoyer of the food, You are the giver of food. Therefore, I offer all that I consume at Thy Lotus Feet.

Nightime Prayer 

Oh Lord, please forgive me for all the wrong actions that I have committed with my hands, feet, speech, body, ears, eyes and mind. Please pardon me for all the wrong actions that I have done knowingly or unknowingly. Victory to You, oh Lord of compassion and mercy. 


I have the task to lead mankind in her development and to assure all human beings of an existence full of happiness and joy. I have promised that I shall rescue all who roam about uselessly, and bring them back to goodness.

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God.



Nine Point Code of Conduct

1. Daily meditation and prayer.

2. Group devotional singing or prayer with family members once a week.

3. Participation in Sai Spiritual Education by children of the family.

4. Participation in community service work and other programs of the organization.

5. Regular attendance at the Center's devotional meetings.

6. Regular study of Sathya Sai Baba literature.

7. The use of soft, loving speech with everyone.

8. Not speaking ill of others, especially in their absence.

9. Practice placing a ceiling on desires - consciously and continuously strive to eliminate the tendency to waste time, money, food and energy - and utilize the savings for service to mankind.

Ten Guiding Principles from Sathya Sai Baba

1. Love and serve your country. Do not be critical of other countries.

Have a sense of pride in your motherland. Just as your mother has given birth to you, so too the land has given birth to you. Whatever country you belong to, you should have a sense of patriotism. You should not indulge in criticizing other countries or people belonging to other nations. Having trust and faith in your own country, you won't try to put down any other country. Never bring grief or sorrow to your country. To have pride in your own motherland is important.

2. Honor and respect all religions as pathways to God.

Never have hatred toward any religion. Honor and respect all religions equally. Even as you are a citizen of your motherland but respect all countries, also respect all religions equally. [See also: 'the universal declaration of human rights' i.e. article 18]

3. Love all humanity as part of your family.

Develop a sense of the brotherhood of man. Look upon each person as your own brother or sister. There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. All of us belong to the human race, so everyone is equal. Therefore, love each one equally.

4. Keep home and surroundings clean.

Keep your own house and its surroundings pure and clean. This hygiene will keep you healthy and benefit your worldly life.

5. Help the needy with food, clothing and shelter. Help them become self-reliant when possible.

Be discriminating when dispensing charity. In the name of charity or philanthropy, we tend to do injustice to one's country. Charity does not mean that the land should be full of beggars. We can provide some support and means for the beggars, but provide food, clothing and other conveniences in such a way that you are not encouraging laziness and begging.

6. Be examples of honesty. Do not participate in any corruption such as bribery.

Never give or take a bribe. Giving bribes, or accepting bribes, is contrary to the very name of the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations. Bear this in mind continuously.

7. Curb jealousy, hatred and envy.

We must seek ways to solve difficulties such as hatred, envy and jealousy. To curb this sense of envy and jealousy, we must develop a broader outlook. Do not differentiate on the basis of race, caste, creed, or country. Follow your cultural and religious customs in your own home, but do not attempt to impose them on society. Rather than this, love each person as your own brother or sister, not seeing him or her as belonging to another creed, religion, or country.

8. Develop self-reliance.

Members of the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations should do things by themselves; they should not depend on others. You may be very wealthy and have servants and assistants to help in a few tasks, but your own work you must do yourself. If you wish to be of service to society, serve yourself first. One who will not serve society has no right to belong to a Sri Sathya Sai Organization.

9. Observe your country's laws and be exemplary citizens.

You should never go against the law of the land. We must follow the letter of the law. The members of the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations should follow the law in spirit also and be models for the government.

10. Adore God, abhor sin.

You must love God and avoid sin. Love God incessantly. As long as you keep committing sins, God will never be yours.



Sathya Sai Baba on Meditation

Jyoti Meditation - Silent Sitting

Have a lamp with a bright steady flame or a candle before you. Sit in the Padmasana posture or any other comfortable asana in front of the flame. Look at the flame steadily. Then closing your eyes, try to feel the flame inside you, between your eye brows. From there let it descend down into the lotus of your heart, in the centre of the chest, illumining the path.

When it enters the heart, imagine that the petals of the lotus bud open out, one by one, bathing every thought, feeling, emotion and impulse in the light and so removing darkness there. There is no space now for darkness to take refuge. It has to flee before the flame.

Imagine that the light becomes wider, bigger and brighter. Let it pervade the limbs; now these limbs can never more deal in dark, suspicious and wicked activities. These have become instruments of light and love.

Let the light reach up to the tongue and falsehood, slander and spite vanish from it. Let it rise up to the eyes and the ears and destroy all the dark desires therein. Let your head be surcharged with light and all the wicked thoughts flee therefrom, for these are the denizens of darkness. Imagine that light in you more and more intensely and it will become so. Let it shine all around you and let it spread from you in ever widening circles, taking in your loved ones, your kith and kin, your friends and companions, your enemies and rivals, strangers, all living beings, the entire world. Stay on in that thrill of witnessing light. If you are adoring God in any form, now try to visualise that form in the all pervasive light, for light is God and God is light.



His birthplace / Three incarnations / Sarvadharma Symbol / Why I have come

His birthplace

Sathya Sai Baba is the second of three incarnations of the Sai Avatâr. The first was Shirdi Sai Baba, who left his mortal body in 1918, after teaching the unity of God and brotherhood of man His whole life. In particular, He did this among the Hindu- and Muslim-communities in Central India, who on their side considered Him as one of them.

Sathyanarayana Raju, as Sai Baba was named, was born on November 23, 1926, [at 6:36 hours a.m.] in a small remote village called Puttaparthi in the South of India, approximately 160 km north of Bangalore. There is now His Âs'ram named Prasanthi Nilayam, which means: Place of Supreme Peace. In Whitefield, about 25 km of Bangalore, Baba also has an Âs'ram where He regularly stays. This Âs'ram is called Brindavan (after Vrindâvana, the town of Vrindâvana in the Mathurâ District of Uttar Pradesh, India, where Krishna appeared five thousand years ago).

He came into the world with all knowledge, wisdom, power and divine love. Unlike self-realized saints, He did not have to practice disciplines or austerities to achieve his divinity. Although Sai Baba only attended school to the age of thirteen, he has complete mastery of the scriptures, of all the sciences, arts, languages - of all fields of study. As a matter of fact, he knows everything - including the past, present and future of all of our lives.

The center of activities there is S'rî Sathya Sai Baba Himself, who has attracted an enormous number of people, through His unique, personal presence since His early youth. He can only be described as the embodiment of pure, unselfish love, of perfect peace and bliss, the essence of kindness.

Through Him all noble, human qualities become visible; He carries and unites all divine qualities which are characteristics of the Avatâra.

Sathya Sai Baba is the Avatâra of this era. Avatâr means: Embodiment of God on earth. He has come again as a world teacher to lead mankind on the right path in this critical time [Kali Yuga].

Sathya Sai Baba has millions of followers in India, as well as in many countries around the world. He has incarnated at this time to restore truth, righteousness, peace and love in the world and to transform all our hearts so that we can experience that we, too, are divine.

For a full account of Sai Baba's life, see N. Kasturi's Biography entitled 'Sathyam, Sivam Sundaram' also available as a download and Kasturi's poem at this site.

"I have the task to lead mankind in her development and to assure all human beings of an existence full of happiness and joy. I have promised that I shall rescue all who roam about uselessly, and bring them back to goodness." - Sathya Sai Baba

Nature obeys His will. He has all knowledge. He knows the past, presence and future of everybody. In His teachings Sai Baba acknowledges all religions. He emphasizes again and again that divinity means unity. In his personal style and expression Bhagavân Baba shows a majestic grace and at the same time a delightful cheerfulness.

Among His many devotees who surround Him, He leads a simple and humble life, completely devoted to loving helpfulness. Not restricted to only physical existence, He works on all levels: the gross matter and the spiritual nature. He does this in His physical form as well as in visions, dreams and inner experiences. As a divine teacher, He leads the spiritual development of His devotees, He inspires inwardly and arranges outwardly. He illuminates the heart, transforms the mind and reveals the biggest treasure.... the immortal Âtmâ, the divine sparkle in every human being.

Three incarnations

Sai Baba says that He will stay in the present quality as Sathya Sai Baba within the 21st century and will reach the age of 96. After that He will be reborn as the third and last incarnation as Prema Sai Baba, who will finish the Avatâra-mission started in the middle of the 19th century.

Shirdi Sai (1836-1918), Sathya Sai (1926-2022) Prema Sai, (2030-2126)

More about Prema Sai

Sai Baba has two Âs'rams in the south of India, one in Puttaparthi and one in Whitefield, where hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come together to experience His Love and to receive His blessing. However, He has not come to this earth to establish a new religion or sect. On the contrary, he emphasizes the unity of all religions. About this, He stresses:

"I have come to tell you about this Universal Unity, this Inner Self-principle, this Path of Love. All religions teach a basic-discipline: to remove the stains of egoism and the chasing of material satisfaction out of the soul. Every religion teaches the human being to fill his mind with the glory of God and to drive out narrow-minded arrogance. Be convinced that the one and only God is the indweller of all hearts; One can worship Him the best through Love. Develop the inner attitude that people of every religion from all over the world are One. That is the message of Love I bring." - Sathya Sai Baba

As a teacher He leads the spiritual development of all who turn to Him - by now, more than hundred million people, worldwide - and inspires people inwardly as well as outwardly. He has set up several schools and universities, where education is given totally for free. Also, He has built hospitals in several places where everybody receives free care and medication. One of the most modern hospitals, in the area of heart- and kidney-transplantations in the world, has been established in Puttaparthi. Also here, every treatment is completely given free of charge.

The name Sathya Sai Baba is significant. Sai means: Godly Mother, Baba: Honored Father, and Sathya: Truth. His mission: to bring back truth in all hearts, to regain righteousness all over the world.

"There is only one religion, the religion of Love. There is only one caste, the caste of mankind. There is only one language, the language of the heart. There is only one God and He is omnipresent." - Sathya Sai Baba

Hinduism: (the AUM/OHM-sign) Actually sanâthana-dharma = eternal divine law. God is One, but the wise call Him with various names (the Gods are many aspects of the one God). Some names are: Is'vara, Krishna, Râma, etc., Paramâtmâ or Brahman. "Listen to the primeval Pranava AUM resounding in your heart as well in the heart of the Universe".

Buddhism: (the wheel) The soul of a religion does not lie in theory or dogmas, but in the way of living. The Buddhists, even so the Jains, do not accept the existence of God in a certain or immediate way. They believe that the maximum stage a human being can reach is the stage of the Buddha. He, the Kevalin or Mukta (the liberated) or the Buddha, the embodiment of love and wisdom, is divine. "Remember the Wheel of Cause and Consequence, of Deed and Destiny and the Wheel of Dharma that rights them all".

Parseeism: (the fire vessel) Ahura Mazda (= light): dwells in the heart of human beings. Fire, wide at the basis and pointed at the top. In this way, also the differences disappear at the highest divine level. The devotees of Zoroaster call their God the most holiest principle in the universe. Ahura Mazda, the God of truth, wisdom en enlightenment. (Zoroaster: Founder of the ancient Persian religion Zoroastrianism. The sacred text called the Gaathas were revealed to him while in deep meditation. Ahur Mazda is the name for the Supreme). "Offer all bitterness in the sacred Fire and emerge grand, great and godly".


Islam: (the crescent moon with star) Islam means literally surrendering. There is no God than God (and Mohammed is his prophet). The Muslims call God Allah, the merciful, the compassionate, the unique Lord of creation. "Be like the Star which never wavers from the Crescent but is fixed in steady faith".

Christianity: (the cross) Let your ego die on the cross. The life of Jesus: 'I am the messenger of God. I am the son of God. I and the Father are One'. "Cut the 'I' feeling clean across and let your ego die on the Cross, to endow on you Eternity".

Judaism: (the star of David) Hear Israel: The Lord our Lord is One.

Sai Baba teaches us to respect our own religion in which we were raised and honor other religions. Let the various religions exist, let them bloom and let God's glory be sung in all languages and varieties. That must be the ideal goal.

Respect the differences between the religions and acknowledge them as valuable as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity. You can search for God in churches and temples as the mystery of all mysteries, you will find Him at last in the deepest silence of your own heart.

'If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God'

Bhagavân S'rî Sathya Sai Baba on Himself - Why I have come

"I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added lustre. I have not come to speak on behalf of any particular dharma (religion), like Hinduism. I have not come on any mission of publicity for any sect or creed or cause; nor have I come to collect followers for any doctrine. I have no plan to attract disciples or devotees into My fold or any fold. I have come to tell you of this Universal unitary faith, this Atmic principle (principle of the spirit), this path of love." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 4th July 1968 in Nairobi (Kenya, East Africa). Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - VIII, Chapter - 22. Page: 118.

"This Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family through the bond of brotherhood, of affirming and illumining the Atmic Reality (Reality of the Spirit) of each being, in order to reveal the divine which is the basis on which the entire cosmos rests, and of instructing all to recognise the common divine heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal in him, and rise into the Divine, which is his goal." - 19th June 1974 in 'Brindavan', Bangalore. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XII. Chapter - 38. Page: 229.

The Message I Bring. "All religions teach one basic discipline - the removal of the blemish of egoism from the mind, restraining it from running after trivial joys. Every religion teaches man to fill his being with the Glory of God, and evict the pettiness of conceit. It trains him in methods of detachment and discrimination so that he may aim high and attain liberation. Believe that all hearts are motivated by the one God; that all faiths glorify Him alone; that all names in all languages, and all the forms man can conceive denote the same divine principle; His adoration is best done by means of love. Cultivate that eka-bhava (attitude of Oneness) among men of all creeds, all countries and all continents. That is the message of love, I bring. That is the message I wish you to take to heart." - 4th July 1968 in Nairobi (Kenya, East Africa). Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - VIII, Chapter - 22. Page: 118

"I have come to help all to acquire this sattvic (serene) nature. You might have heard people talk about My miracles, of My creating this and giving that, of my fulfilling all your wants, of My curing your illnesses. But they are not as important as the satva guna (state of serenity and calmness) I appreciate, promote and instill. Of course, I confer on you these boons of health and prosperity, but only so that you might, with greater enthusiasm and with less interruption, proceed with spiritual sadhana (pursuit)." - 25th July 1958 in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- I, Chapter - 11. Page: 62-63.

I have not come to start a new cult. "You must have noticed that I do not speak about Sai in My discourses, nor do I sing of Sai during the Bhajan with which I usually conclude My discourses. And you must have wondered why. Let me tell you the reason. I do not want the impression to gain ground that I desire this Name and this Form to be publicised. I have not come to start a new cult, I do not want people to be misled on this point. I affirm that this form of Sai contains within it the forms associated with all the names that man uses for the adoration of the divine. So, I teach that no distinction should be made between the names Râma, Krishna, Is'vara, Sai - for they are all My names." - on 17th May 1968 in Mumbai. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII. Chapter - 19. Page: 95-96. On the occasion of the World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII. Chapter - 19. Page: 95-96

Do not propagate My Name. "I do not have the slightest intention to utilise the Seva Samithis (Service Organisations) for propagating My Name. No! I am content only when spiritual endeavors and disciplines to elevate and purify man progress everywhere. It is only through these practices that My universal reality will be revealed. So, do not limit Me to the boundaries of any one name and form.

Your aim should be to see the same God in all the Forms that are worshipped, to adore Him in all the Names, nay, to be conscious of His presence as the inner motivator of every living being, in every particle of matter. Do not fall into the error of considering some to be men worthy of reverence and some unworthy. Sai is in everyone; so, all deserve your reverence and service. Propagate this truth; that is the function I assign to the Seva Samithis (Service Organisations)." - From Bhagawan's Discourse on the occasion of World Conference of Shri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, - on 17th May, 1968 in Mumbai. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII, Chapter-19. Page: 96

No annihilation now, only transformation. "Râma, Krishna and other Avatârs had to kill one or more individuals who could be identified as enemies of the dharmic (righteous) way of life, and thus restore the practice of virtue. But, now, there is no one entirely good, and so who deserves the protection of God? All are tainted by wickedness, and so who will survive if the Avatâr decides to destroy the wicked?

Therefore, I have to correct the buddhi (intellect), by various means; I have to counsel, help, command, condemn and stand by as a friend and well-wisher to all, so that they may give up evil propensities, and recognising the straight path, tread it and reach the goal. I have to reveal to the people the worth of the Vedas, the S'âstras (India's ancient scriptures) and the other scriptural texts, which lay down the norms of sacred living." - on 23rd Nov 1964, in Prashanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - IV, Chapter - 38. Page: 224-225

I am determined to correct you. "Let me tell you, it is only those who know the scriptures, that can understand Me. I am determined to correct you only after informing you of my credentials. That is why I announce My Nature by means of miracles - that is, acts which are beyond human capacity and human understanding. Not that I am anxious to show off My powers. The object is to draw you closer to Me, to cement your hearts to Me. Getting to know Me is also a part of your destiny." - on 24th Nov 1961 in Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - II, Chapter-26. Page: 140-141.

I only Echo. "If you accept Me and say yes, I too respond and say "yes, yes, yes!" If you deny Me and say "no", I also echo "no". Come, examine, experience and have faith; that is the method of utilizing Me." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 23rd Nov 1964, 8 PM, in Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - IV, Chapter - 38. Page: 226

Why should the Lord Himself incarnate? When people forget the One and run after the world, there can be no love, no sacrifice and no spirit of detachment and hence there is a decline in dharma. It is then that the Lord takes human form and comes among men to restore their sense of values. You may ask, why should the Lord Himself incarnate? Why can He not set about the task of restoring dharma through the many minor gods He has at His command? This question was placed before the courtiers by Akbar himself for, he laughed at the Hindu idea of the Formless adopting Form, and descending into the world as an Avatâra to save dharma. Tansen asked for a week's time to furnish the answer and got it granted by His Imperial Majesty. A few days later, when he was in the pleasure boat of the Emperor sailing across the lake with the royal family, Tansen cleverly threw overboard a doll made to look like the Emperor's little son, crying at the same time, "Oh, the prince has fallen into the water!" Hearing this, the Emperor jumped into the lake to rescue his son'! Tansen then disclosed that it was only a doll and that the prince was safe. He allayed the anger of Akbar by explaining that he had perforce to enact this drama in order to demonstrate the truth of the Hindu belief that God takes human form to save Dharma, without commissioning some other entity to carry out that task. Dharma is the son that God loves so dearly. Akbar could have ordered the many personnel he had on board to jump in and rescue his son; but his affection was so great and the urgency so acute that the Emperor himself plunged into the lake to pull out the 'son'. The decline of Dharma is so acute. The decline of Dharma is so acute a tragedy; the intensity of affection that the Lord has for good men is so great that He Himself comes. The Lord is Love itself. He comes in human form so that you can talk to Him, move with Him, serve Him, adore Him, and achieve oneness with Him, so that you can recognise your kinship with Him." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 13th Dec 1964 in Venkatagiri, on the occasion of Prashaanthi Vidwan Mahaasabha. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- IV, Chapter - 45. Page: 262-263.

The pious prayed, and I have come. "The Lord comes as the Avatâra when He is anxiously awaited by saints and sages. Sadhus (the pious) prayed, and I have come. My tasks are primarily two: Veda Rakshana and Bhakta Rakshana - fostering of the Vedas (ancient Indian spiritual scriptures) and fostering of bhaktas (devotees)." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 25th Jan 1963 in Prashanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- III, Chapter - 1. Page: 9-10.

Dive deep, get immersed. "You must dive deep into the sea to get at the pearls. What good is it to dabble among the waves near the shore and swear that the sea has no pearls in it? So also if you aspire to benefit from the Avatâra, dive deep and get immersed in Him. Half-heartedness, hesitation, doubt, cynicism, listening to tales, etc. are all of no avail. Unflinching faith - that alone can bring victory. This is true to any worldly activity, is it not? How much more true must it be, therefore in the spiritual field? But if you have already attached yourselves to a particular Name and Form, do not change it, do not choose another in its place." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 10th July 1959, Bangalore on the occasion of Akhanda Bhajan. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - I, Chapter - 21. Page: 130-131.

I have not come for propaganda… "I have not come for propaganda or publicity or gathering disciples or devotees. I am yours and you are Mine. Where then is the need for publicity? I do not give lectures but 'mixtures' for your mental health and moral re-invigoration. So take My words as medicine for your spiritual health." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 25th June 1960, Gokhale Hall, Chennai. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - I, Chapter - 26. Page: 165.

This human body has not come in vain. "Many hesitate to believe that things will improve, that everyone will be happy and joyful, that the Golden Age will ever dawn. Let me assure you that this Dharma Svarupa (personification of Righteousness) has not come in vain. It will succeed in averting the crisis that has come upon humanity." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 3rd March 1965, Prashanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - V, Chapter - 11. Page: 70.

Who is Sai. I am the embodiment of Love. "I am the embodiment of Love; Love is My instrument. There is no creature without Love; the lowest loves itself, at least. And its self is divine too. So, there are no atheists, though some might dislike Him or refuse Him, as malarial patients dislike sweets or diabetic patients refuse to have anything to do with sweets! Those who preen themselves as atheists will one day, when their illness is gone, relish God and revere Him. I had to tell you so much about My Truth, for, I desire that you should contemplate on this and derive joy therefrom, so that you may be inspired to observe the disciplines laid down by Me and progress towards the Goal of Self-realisation, the Realisation of the Sai that shines in your hearts." - 19th June 1974 in Brindavan, Bangalore. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XII. Chapter - 38. Page: 229.

I am neither man nor God… "I am neither man nor God nor an astral spirit; I am neither a brahmin (the priestly class), nor a kshathriya (the warrior class), nor a vais'ya (the business class), nor a s'űdra (the working class); The appellations of brahmacharî (celibate) or house-holder, or recluse or monk do not describe Me; I am the Sathya Bodhaka, a Teacher of Truth, as Sathyam (Truth), Shivam (Goodness) and Sundaram (Beauty). Your reality too is Sathyam, Shivam and Sundaram. Without truth there cannot be goodness; without goodness, what does beauty avail? The effect of truth on the mind is goodness; the joy that flows from goodness is the genuine beauty that artists love. The three are really one and indivisible. Experience this truth; this truth as goodness and this goodness as beauty. That gives the highest Bliss." - 6th March 1970 in Prashanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. X, Chapter - 7. Page: 33.

Every divine principle is manifest in this form. "This is a human form in which every divine entity, every divine principle, that is to say, all the names and forms ascribed by man to God, are manifest.... Do not allow doubt to distract you; if you only install, in the altar of your heart, steady faith in my divinity, you can win the vision of my reality. Instead, if you swing like the pendulum of a clock, one moment towards devotion and another towards doubt, you can never succeed in comprehending the truth and win that bliss. You are very fortunate that you have a chance to experience the bliss of the vision of the Sarvadaivathwa swaroopam (the form that is all forms of the Gods) now, in this life itself." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 17th May 1968 in Mumbai on the occasion of the World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII. Chapter - 19. Page: 99-100.

Supra-worldly divinity in Human form. "…Let Me draw your attention to another fact. On previous occasions when God incarnated on earth, the bliss of recognising His Divine nature was vouchsafed only after the Avatâra had left the world, in spite of plenty of patent evidences of His grace. And the loyalty and devotion they commanded from men arose through fear and awe, at their superhuman powers and skills, or at their imperial and penal authority. But, ponder a moment on this Sathya Sai Manifestation; in this age of rampant materialism, aggressive disbelief and irreverence, what is it that brings to It the adoration of millions from all over the world? You will be convinced that the basic reason for this is the fact that this is the Supra-worldly Divinity in Human form." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 17th May 1968 in Mumbai, on the occasion of the World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII. Chapter - 19. Page: 100.

You cannot understand the nature of my Reality. "Since at this place those who have devotion are gathered and people of all nations have come, I cannot but tell you one fact. World conferences dedicated to religion or spirituality have no doubt been held before; also, conferences of followers of particular faiths. But these have been held only after the demise of the founders and divine inspirers. This is the very first time that a World Conference is held, of persons devoted, while the incarnation is present before every one, with the body assumed for the purpose, bearing the name that is chosen for it by Itself. I must tell you this fact, because ninety-nine persons out of hundred among you do not know my Reality. You have come here drawn by diverse needs, a taste for spiritual matters, eagerness to develop the institutions to which you are attached, admiration or affection, love or reverence or a spurt of enthusiasm to join others and share with others your own exultation. In truth, you cannot understand the nature of my Reality either today or even after a thousand years of steady austerity or ardent inquiry even if all mankind joins in that effort. But, in a short time, you will become cognizant of the bliss showered by the divine Principle, which has taken upon itself this sacred body and this sacred name. Your good fortune which will grant you this sacred opportunity that is far superior to what was available to anchorites, monks, sages, saints and even personalities embodying facets of divine Glory!" - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 17th May 1968 in Mumbai on the occasion of the World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII, Chapter - 19. Page: 98-99.

Do not get deluded. "Since I move about with you, eat like you, and talk with you, you are deluded into the belief that this is but an instance of common humanity. Be warned against this mistake. I am also deluding you by my singing with you, talking with you, and engaging myself in activities with you. But, any moment, my Divinity may be revealed to you; you have to be ready, prepared for that moment. Since divinity is enveloped by humanness you must endeavor to overcome the mâyâ (delusion) that hides it from your eyes." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 17th May 1968 in Mumbai on the occasion of the World Conference of S'rî Sathya Sai Seva Organizations. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII. Chapter - 19. Page: 99.

My power is immeasurable… "My power is immeasurable; My truth is inexplicable, unfathomable. I am announcing this about Me, for, the need has arisen. But, what I am giving you now is only the gift of a 'Visiting Card!' Let Me tell you that emphatic declarations of the truth by Avatâras were made so clearly and so unmistakably only by Krishna. In spite of the declaration, you will notice in the career of Krishna that He underwent defeat in His efforts and endeavors on a few occasions; you must also note that those defeats too were part of the drama which He had planned and which He Himself directed. For example, when many Kings pleaded with Him to avert the war with the Kauravas, He confessed that His Mission to the Kaurava Court for ensuring peace had 'failed!' But, He had not willed that it should succeed! He had decided that war would be waged! His Mission was intended to punish the greed and iniquity of the Kauravas and to condemn them before the whole world. Now, I must tell you, that during this Sai Avatâr, there is no place for even such 'drama' with scenes of failures and defeats! What I will, must take place; what I plan must succeed. I am Truth; and Truth has no need to hesitate, or fear, or bend." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 19th June 1974 in Brindavan, Bangalore. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XII, Chapter - 38. Page: 227-228.

'Willing' is superfluous for Me… 'Willing' is superfluous for Me. For, My grace is ever available to devotees who have steady love and faith. Since I move freely among them, talking and singing, even intellectuals are unable to grasp My Truth, My Power, My Glory, or My real Task as Avatâr (divine descent). I can solve any problem however knotty. I am beyond the reach of the most intensive inquiry and the most meticulous measurement. Only those who have recognised My Love and experienced that Love can assert that they have glimpsed My Reality. For, the Path of Love is the Royal road that leads mankind to Me." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 19th June 1974 in Brindavan, Bangalore. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XII, Chapter - 38. Page: 228.

Do not attempt to know Me through… "Do not attempt to know Me through the external eyes. When you go to a temple and stand before the image of God, you pray with closed eyes, don't you? Why? Because you feel that the inner eye of wisdom alone can reveal Him to you. Therefore, do not crave from Me trivial material objects; but, crave for Me, and you would be rewarded. Not that you should not receive whatever objects I give as sign of grace out of the fullness of love." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 19th June 1974 in Brindavan, Bangalore. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XII. Chapter - 38. Page: 228.

Why argue over Me? Who exactly is the Baba, you discuss and debate?! What does it matter to you who I am? You are concerned about your goal, your ideal, your experience, your effort, is it not? Why then worry about My Origin, My Nature, My Mystery, My Miracle? When you cannot grasp your own basic reality, why waste time in exploring the essence of Godhead? As a matter of fact, you can understand Me only when you have understood yourself, your own Truth. The gross can grasp only the gross; its categories of knowledge can proceed only as far as that. Fish die when they have to breathe the air above the water. Children can learn the alphabet only with the help of boards, slates, pencils and pieces of chalk. Sâdhakas (spiritual aspirants) going through the primers of spirituality need symbols, images and rituals. You cannot discard Name and Form until you transmute yourself into the Nameless and Formless; just as the fish needed water and could not come up into the atmosphere, so long as they did not transmute themselves into land animals, giving up their aquatic nature. That is the reason why the Nameless and Formless has often to assume Name and Form, and come before humanity with limitations imposed by its own Will, so that it may be loved, respected, worshipped, listened to and followed; so that the purpose of humanity may be fulfilled. - Bhagavân's Discourse on 4th March 1962 in Prashaanthi Nilayam on the occasion of Mahâ-S'ivaratri. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - II, Chapter-31. Page: 164-165.

The chief characteristic of Sathya Sai is… "The chief characteristic of Sathya Sai is equanimity, forbearance, sahana (fortitude). There are many who are engaged in criticism and calumny. Many papers publish all types of writings. Many pamphlets are printed. All kinds of things happen in the world. My reply to all these is a smile. Such criticisms and distortions are the inevitable accomplishments of everything good and great. Only the fruit laden tree is hit by stones thrown by greedy people. No one casts a stone on the tree that bears no fruit!" - Bhagavân's Discourse on 22nd Nov 1981 in Poornachandra Auditorium, Prashanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XV, Chapter - 33. Page: 179-180

You too have the Sai principle in you … "It is impossible for anyone to understand or explain the meaning and significance of Swami. This is an Incarnation which is beyond anyone's comprehension. Trying to explain Me would be as futile as the attempt of a person who does not know the alphabet to read a scholarly treatise, or the attempt to pour the ocean into a tiny waterway. You can at best only prepare yourself to receive and benefit by the ananda I confer, the bliss I grant. You too have the Sai principle in you, but the difference is a matter of 'wattage'. You have bulbs of zero watt power and also bulbs of high wattage giving dazzling light. The same electric current passes through them no doubt, but, how incomprehensible must be the 'Supreme' for the molecule. - Bhagavân's Discourse on 9th Oct 1970 in Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - X, Chapter - 28. Page: 170-171.

Even if the entire world opposes Me unitedly… "Embodiments of Love! Even if the entire world opposes Me unitedly, nothing can affect Me. My mission is essentially Mine. I am engaged in doing good. My heart is ever full of benediction. I have no ego. I do not own anything. This is My truth. Those who have faith in this, My Truth, will not hesitate to dedicate themselves to it. Those who have doubts and defects react with anger and fear. But the person with no doubt and defect will not react so. I am aware of this and so I am always in Ananda (bliss)." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 22nd Nov 1981 in Poornachandra Auditorium, Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XV, Chapter - 33. Page: 180.

The Divine has to reveal Itself. "The Divine is now denoted by various words that are common currency in limited human vocabulary. They name phenomena revealing the Divine as 'miracles', 'magic', 'wonders', etc. Of course, man cannot contain in his mind more than he can hold. He cannot express in words the inexpressible. Only those who have dived deep and contacted the underlying principle of Love can visualize Divinity with some clarity. The Divinity that is Me has not been acquired or earned, nor has it been added or evinced after the lapse of some years, in the middle of this life. The Divine has to reveal Itself through these manifestations, largely shaped and modified by the nature of the times, the region and the cultural environment. The signs and wonders that I manifest are given names that do not convey the purpose or effect. They can be called chamathkaara (that which is inexplicable), that lead on to samskaara (refinement), which in turn urge one on towards paropakaara (helping others) and finally result in saakshaathkaara (vision of the divine)." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 23rd Nov 1976 in Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XIII, Chapter - 25. Page: 164-165.

Few have realized My purpose and significance. "I never exult when I am extolled, nor cower when I am reviled. Few have realized My purpose and significance; but I am not worried. When things that are not in Me are attributed to Me, why should I worry? When things that are in Me are mentioned, why should I exult? I am Ananda, Shaantham, Dhairyam (Bliss, Equanimity and Courage). Take Me as your Aathma thathwam (principle of the spirit); you won't be wrong. Resolve from this day to see only the good in others, to develop the good in yourselves. That is the best sâdhana (spiritual practice)." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 30th March 1965 in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - V, Chapter - 23. Page: 128-129

My power. Do not exaggerate the significance of miracles. "You elaborate in your lectures the unique powers of Sai, the incidents that are described as 'miracles' in books written on Me by some persons. But I request you not to attach importance to these. Do not exaggerate their significance; the most significant and important power is, let Me tell you, My prema (love). I may turn the sky into earth, or earth into sky; but that is not the sign of Divine might. It is the prema, the sahana (fortitude) that are my unique signs. When you attempt to cultivate and propagate this love and this fortitude, trouble and travail will clog your steps. You must welcome them, for without them, the best in you cannot be drawn out." - From Bhagavân's Discourse on the occasion of World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, in Mumbai, on 17th May, 1968. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII, Chapter-19. Page: 98.

The power of Sai is limitless. "The physical eyes cannot visualize the Truth. It gives only false and fogged information. For example, there are many who observe My actions and start declaring that My nature is such and such. They are unable to gauge the sanctity, the majesty and the eternal reality that is Me. The power of Sai is limitless and inexhaustible. All forms of 'power' are resident in this palm." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 19th June 1974 in Brindavan, Bangalore Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- XII, Chapter - 38. Page: 226

Always be mindful of My true nature… "People may be very near (physically) to the Avatâr, but they live out their lives unaware of their fortune; they exaggerate the role of miracles, which are as trivial, when compared to My glory and majesty, as a mosquito is in size and strength to the elephant upon which it squats. Therefore, when you speak about these miracles, I laugh within myself out of pity that you allow yourself so easily to lose the precious awareness of my reality..." - Bhagavân's Discourse on 19th June 1974 in Brindavan, Bangalore. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XII, Chapter - 38. Page: 227.

My Activities You can observe Me and My activities… "You can observe Me and My activities; note how I adhere to righteousness, moral order, truth and universal compassion. That is what I desire you to learn from Me. Many of you plead for a 'Message' from Me, to take to the Samithi (Sai centre) of which you are members. Well, My life is My message. You will be adhering to My message if you so live that your lives are evidence of the dispassionate quiet, the courage, the confidence, the eagerness to serve those who are in distress, that My life inspires you with." - From Bhagavân's Discourse on the occasion of World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, in Mumbai, on 17th May, 1968. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol.- VIII, Chapter-19. Page: 96-97.

I need nothing… "I need nothing, however great or small, in this Universe. At no moment has desire affected me for any thing or activity. I have come to give, not to receive. And, what you can offer Me is just this: pure, unadulterated love. When you offer Me that, I derive Ananda." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 23rd Nov 1974, Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XII, Chapter - 53. Page: 311.

My activities are not for publicity. "My activities are not for publicity or propaganda or even to confer joy on others! They are for conferring joy primarily on Me! I have no need to please others and to earn approval or appreciation. For, I and you are not distinct entities; you are I and I am you. I am the current that flows into every bulb and illumines it. Those who see Me as separate are seeing falsehood. I am in your hearts; you are in mine. Don't be misled into doubt and distress." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 20th July 1972, Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - XI, Chapter - 43. Page: 281-282

I do not need any publicity… "I do not need any publicity, nor does any other manifestation of the Lord. What are you daring to publicise? Me? What do you know about Me, I ask you? You speak one thing about Me today and another tomorrow. Your faith has not become unshakable! You praise Me when things go well and blame Me when things go wrong. You flit from one refuge to another. And even before your bhakti (devotion) ripens, you strive to lead others, you collect donations and subscriptions and plan mandirs (temples) and sangams (associations); all this is mere show, which brings spiritual loss, rather than spiritual gain. When you start publicity you descend to the level of those who compete in collecting clientele, decrying others and extolling themselves. Where money is calculated and garnered, and exhibited to demonstrate one's achievements, I will not be present. I come only where sincerity, faith and surrender are valued." - Bhagavân Baba's Discourse on 15th Oct. 1964, Prasanthi Nilayam. Reference: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. - IV, Chapter - 35. Page: 210

My activities and movements will never be altered… "My activities and movements will never be altered, whatever one may say about them. Meanness may prompt people to remark on My dress or they may talk cynically of My hair, but I shall not be affected a bit. My discourses, My plans for Dharmasthaapana (establishment of righteousness), My movements, I shall not alter in the least. I have stuck to this determination for many years now and I am engaged in the task for which I have come, to inculcate the path of Prasanthi (supreme peace). I shall not stop, nor retract a single step… Not even the greatest scientist can understand Me by means of the categories to which he is accustomed. I always smile at those who deride Me, and even those who praise Me. I am always full of happiness, whatever may happen. Nothing can come in the way of My Smile. Derision and calumny only tend to make it grow bigger and more joyful." -



Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Programme

Love - Right Action - Non-Violence - Truth - Peace

One advantage which will accrue when the moral uplift programme is taken up in schools is that through the subtle influence of the children, the atmosphere in the home is also cleansed. When the boy or girl sits in silence and meditates on the Creator and His glory, the parents too will react in the same manner and the home will be filled with humility and love.

The Education in Human Values Program is intended to draw out the best in a child and to enable his/her personality to develop towards perfection. This process of blossoming human excellence calls for excellence in each of the five domains or aspects of human personality. These five domains, namely, physical, intellectual, emotional, psychic and spiritual define the human system in to-to, as a whole.

The five basic values, namely Truth, Righteous Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence correspond to the domains listed above.

Since the human beings everywhere in the world are alike, each can aspire to inculcate and internalize these values. These values, thus are universal and transcend all distinctions of country, religion, caste and creed. They embrace all beings, as their origin lies right within each individual.


The life principle within each of us is the truth. We would not be existent without it and once we are not there, the world also ceases. This life principle is identified as the human soul which in turn is the 'resident divinity' within each individual. It is this truth which is the basis of every other thing and with the power of which the heart beats, the lungs breath and the system works. The role of human intellect is to find out the truth.

Interestingly, when one realizes and experiences this truth, one sees that the same truth pervades every other person and object. And in essence we are all one.

Truth has different levels. There is the truth of sense perception such as: 'the fire burns'. One can ascertain this with one's senses. There is also the truth by inference: such as 'man is mortal'. We base this statement on the strength of our observation of those around us and extend it to arrive at a general conclusion, even though we may not have seen every human being born in this world dying. Apart from all these is the truth which is incapable of being destroyed or hurt. It persists and pervades the whole cosmos.

Righteous Conduct

Truth in action is Righteous Conduct. The action takes place on the physical domain and behind each action there is thought. If this thought derives its sustenance from the human will, as opposed to human desire, the resultant action will be righteous.

What is of significance here is to understand the distinction between will and desire. Will is the colourless component of human resolve which motivates and inspires him to act in accordance with the truth. Different from this is the desire that prompts action. More often than not, this desire springs out from some myopic assumption or misbelief. The child has to be encouraged and trained to ignore impulses like this. In fact, it is the will to succeed which precedes everything else.

To ensure that Righteous Conduct becomes a way of life for a person, the education and training has to start in the childhood itself. This capability is developed in a child by some basic training in some important skills.


Peace is the end purpose of all human endeavour. Right or wrong, whatever a man thinks or does is with the intention of attaining peace and happiness.

Peace would certainly become a far more attainable entity, if one were to know the domain of personality at which it is acquired.

It is only when there is an emotional equilibrium that one experiences peace. This equipoise is not inert or vegetative but a dynamic realization that the emotional conflict and upsurge can never withstand the test of Truth and Righteousness. Peace is a state of 'power packed stillness' and follows the awareness that the source of human fulfillment is within.

Often dubbed as a mirage, peace can be a reality for each of us if we have faith in our innate power to do good, to be good and see good.

What is equally important is to recognize that nothing in this universe is ever responsible for absence of peace within us. It is only when our internal emotional system is disturbed that restlessness and confusion find a home. By conscious efforts we can certainly avoid such lacunae.


"How can one cultivate Prema? Firstly, consider always the faults of others however big to be insignificant and secondly, consider your faults however small to be big and feel sad and repentant. Whatever you do, with yourself and others, do it remembering that God is omnipresent. Endeavour every moment to be aware of the omnipotence of God." The psychic domain of the human system is the source of love. Love is the expression of the individual divine within and is the power of soul. It is the mightiest of forces in the world and is truly representative of human nature.

Love is not an emotion. It is a form of energy which each individual transmits and receives every moment. It affects all forms of life. It is a peculiar possession which grows with sharing.

Love is the answer to the question: 'What in me loves - What in another person'. It is the reflection of the same Truth that one loves. What to say of children, even animals and beasts respond to this power of love. love helps us overcome the sense of fear by promoting better understanding and appreciation. Since Love springs from the Truth, it is in nature of Tighteous Action and results in peace.

Love has to begin by manifesting itself towards parents and grow and gradually to include family, neighborhood, country and most of all God.


Non-violence is the zenith of human achievement and perfection. It is universal love that goes beyond our relation with our fellow beings and embraces all living and non-living things. It is the spiritual domain of existence. Here, one experiences the essential oneness and unity of all creation. It blossoms from the understanding that man has an obligation towards every object and component of this universe. And the least one can do is to try and extend one's sphere of love to all.

In the context of human beings, Non-violence means amity, harmony and the understanding; in the context of plants and animals it means non-injury that is, desisting from avoidable harm in the context of nature as such, it means non-violation of the law and balance of nature.

Thus the practice of non-violence is not restricted to the physical plane alone but includes all the three, that is, thought word and deed.

Approaches to Education in Human Values

"Children must grow in the awareness of the brotherhood of men and the fatherhood of God. If no provision is made for this type of teaching, then we are denying them their due. Faith in man involves faith in God and faith in God generates faith in man."

"Children should be like a lamp at home. They should carry the lights outside. They should become street lights serving as an example and guiding others. They should emulate the pole star which is a light unto the whole world."


God is in you, around you, behind you, above you, beside you.


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