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    Six visitors from New York are stamping the club with their personalities; the mallards have adopted a coot and may found a dynasty.

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0604_DucksAgain_7.jpg (108773 bytes)

0604_DucksAgain_6.jpg (133398 bytes)

0604_DucksAgain_5.jpg (80882 bytes) 0604_DucksAgain_4.jpg (240170 bytes)


0603_CootDucks_2.jpg (154983 bytes)

0603_GeeseDucks_1.jpg (141487 bytes)

0603_Ducks2_1.jpg (131460 bytes)

A typical lake scene March 06 above - ducks and geese and the lone coot.


 The purple martins returned on April 1st 2006 - and last year's brood. 

The image to the right (when enlarged) shows the report of boxes

BirdBoxResult_05.jpg (231195 bytes)

The map image (when enlarged) to right shows the placement of all the nest boxes in 2005

BirdBoxMap_05.jpg (77911 bytes)

In 2005 we tried out 10 nesting platforms in varied locations. We also have 18 purple martin boxes (center right on map). Exposed platforms were not popular.

In 2005 we placed about 30 in the 1st week of March and the rest in the 1st week of May - Still, the sparrows often beat out the migrants such as bluebirds .  All boxes were cleaned out.

Results in October 2005 are more plentiful than previous years (more nesting places) but less average occupancy (see above).

Of the 59 hung nest boxes we had - 8 Bluebirds; 6 Chickadee /titmouse; 39 Sparrow; 6 without nest at all; 90% occupancy

Of the 18 purple martin gourds, we had - 5 sparrows; 10 martin nests but 2 had unhatched eggs; 

The sparrows came as second nestings after the martins left; so our score is uncertain; maybe 8 of 18 or 44% martin occupancy

Overall, platforms included, we had about 70 of 87 places occupied, about 80%

0510_Box_AL_1.jpg (85053 bytes)

0510_Boxes_All_1.jpg (297133 bytes)

Left, all boxes open for inspection; right, our cloned helper(s)

0510_Boxes_All_2.jpg (234690 bytes)

Above, see inside box "AL" - a snakeskin and mud dauber tubes

0508_HummingBird_2.jpg (27652 bytes)

Our elusive humming bird - caught at last

0508_HummingBird_1.jpg (42169 bytes)

0508_Swallows_17.jpg (121383 bytes)

Swallows nesting on our porch give perfect photo

0508_Swallows_16.jpg (169842 bytes)

0508_Swallows_03.jpg (185823 bytes)

0506_Heron_2.jpg (153705 bytes)

Everyone likes the heron (left) but the geese are not so popular

0506_Geese_1.jpg (168257 bytes)

0506_Swallows_4.jpg (109976 bytes)

0506_Swallows_1.jpg (79418 bytes) 

20 June 05. The first swallows are very fed up in their confined space and are getting ready to leave.


0505_Turtle_2.jpg (142502 bytes)

No, not a bird - but a sizable character by the pond at #4 green.

0506_Turtle_1.jpg (80782 bytes)

 So far (late May 05) 3 nesting platforms in varied locations have attracted customers. The one to left is in front of the club house door under the porch - busy with people traffic - but they seem to like it.

0505_NestPlatform_1.jpg (149135 bytes)

Out of 10 platforms only 3 had customers - these were under cover, like the one shown.




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