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GEOPSYCHICS - I may have 'coined' a new word. Feel free to use it - "Geo" = Geography or  description of the way the land lies; supposedly of the planet Earth only - but let's be broader-minded; "Psychics" = Not in the normal dimensions. I suspect everyone will have their own understanding of 'psychic'; and 'normal' is getting tricky these days too. And yes of course the play on the word physics.

Objective evidence for the Afterlife has nothing to do with religion or personal belief - Like the Himalayas and the mountains on the moon these things are magnificent and real whether you personally believe they exist or not. 

There is nothing more important, as critical, as significant and vital as accepting that communicating with afterlife entities is the greatest discovery in human history.

These few men have done some outstanding work in compiling the current state of the science both descriptive and objective for the elaborate and wonderful Geo-Psychic universe we inhabit. From one point of view, a full description of our universe would take up as much space as the whole place does already - more, in fact. From the broadest point of view, some information can get persons started on their own research which is the right way to come to the conviction that we are all eternal beings and need to act with this responsibility in mind.

Each author has made their work available on the web and it is merely copied here.




Dr. Peter Fenwick

Science and Spirituality: A Challenge for the 21st Century (2010)


A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife Irrefutable Objective Evidence -- 

by Victor Zammit (2009)

Your Eternal Self

by R. Craig Hogan





Dr Piero Calvi-Parisetti

21 Days into the Afterlife - Incontrovertible evidence once more (2010)


The Afterlife - 101 - by an anonymous American author , and provided by Ian Jones. 

Answers from the other side - the real McCoy (2005). (Right - "Red Cloud" a familiar guide) 

Miles Allen - President and Director of AECES (Association for the Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival)  

Statements from the Other Side (2011) 


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