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HAMPSTEAD - He keeps appearing - hence he deserves his own page. Why Hampstead for a name? "My Fair Lady" - "In Hampstead Hurricanes Hardly Ever Happen." Harrison to Hepburn. Our mascot will protect us. While the quote is in fact wrong, we've told so many people that we now have to live with it. Anyway, you can hear Hampstead singing HERE!.  

July 2010 - Time marches on. Hampstead now has white whiskers

1007_Hampstead_1.jpg (198690 bytes)

Let us not mention the fact that somehow he has found his way onto a real human bed


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0510_HampsteadCarpet_1.jpg (114241 bytes)

October 2005 - Bongle wears a mask so he will not be recognized

0510_Bongle_1.jpg (126651 bytes)

and brought to trial for his crimes.  

As if he was not spoiled enough, he got a present from London, England - a mean kitty toy

0505_Hamp_Kitty_1.jpg (215374 bytes)

0505_Hamp_Kitty_2.jpg (184098 bytes)

The mean kitty resisted for quite some days before succumbing to his relentless fangs

0505_Hamp_01.jpg (241865 bytes)

Hampstead at home

0505_Hamp_02.jpg (197818 bytes)

Hampstead tucked in bed at night (right)

0505_Hamp_04.jpg (177798 bytes)

Dr. Bill Ogelsby Veterinary place in Clinton -

910-592-3338 if you want the best care!

0503_Bill_Ogelsby_1.jpg (68070 bytes)

Hampstead gets a full size bandage and extra treatment for a big lump

0503_Giles_Hamp_1.jpg (214696 bytes)

0503_Bill_Ogelsby_3.jpg (219214 bytes)

There's no doubt that Dr. Bill is one of the coolest guys in Eastern North Carolina 

0411_TanaHampstead_3.jpg (259875 bytes)

Hampstead shows a leg - and yes, it's still the same chair!

0410_HampsteadChair_1.jpg (377184 bytes)

0410_Hampstead_12.jpg (277982 bytes)

Just an exhausted puppy dog - he gallops with the golf carts, you see!

Hampstead gets into everything


0410_Hamp_Kip_3.jpg (88597 bytes)

0410_Bongle_1.jpg (58804 bytes)

Bongle gets taken for a walk most evenings - hence the term 'Bongle walking' - clearly a zen activity.

0410_Bongle_2.jpg (76877 bytes)

0410_WendyTrevorHamp_1.jpg (104752 bytes)


Guarding & Protecting is his business - also he begins to recognize the out-of-bounds markers - and let players know!

0410_Sam_1.jpg (81614 bytes)

Sam cannot help posing at left - he is simply as elegant as can be (1991 - 2010 RIP)

0407_Bongle_1.jpg (97634 bytes)

Bongle poses beside a water hole. Like many Siamese, water does not scare him.

0403_Hampstead_Sing_1.jpg (124180 bytes)


23 March 2004 - We've mentioned before that Hampstead sings (see below) 

0403_Hampstead_Sing_2.jpg (183943 bytes)

Now he's older his voice is quite something - very loud, at least. Check the sample song here!

0403_Hampstead_Sing_4.jpg (205744 bytes)

And of course he is very proud of himself after a singing session - "Hampstead's Blues" - quite cathartic, in their own way.


Hampstead gets ready to show his teeth - no more Mr. Nice Guy 


0403_DevilDog_1.jpg (61202 bytes)

Oh forget it - it's too much effort; I think I'll nap instead.

0403_DevilDog_2.jpg (220352 bytes) 

0403_Hamp_1.jpg (28275 bytes)


Hampstead is beginning to look like a grown-up dog

0403_Hamp_2.jpg (26488 bytes)

We all know what curiosity did to the cat - but Bongle is pretending he has heard nothing as he explores the office 

0403_BongleShelf_1.jpg (154686 bytes)

0403_BongleShelf_2.jpg (419774 bytes)


Nothing like a nice warm bed and a decent size bone to chew on a cold winter's night. This is how to spoil your dog.


HampBone_1.jpg (68610 bytes)

Bongle (aka Mingu) enjoys some home greenery. Hampstead simply has to give up some space to this cutest of cats

BongleJungle2.jpg (64868 bytes) 

BongleJungle3.jpg (90507 bytes)

BongleJungle1.jpg (53182 bytes)

HampOnIce_1.jpg (67081 bytes)


26 January 2004 - Hampstead on ice - even with his 4-wheel drive it is hard going

KipHampstead_6.jpg (118686 bytes)

HamsteadKip_1.jpg (68803 bytes) 

HampGiles_4.jpg (47588 bytes)

Hampstead appreciates his comfort - just like his master.

HampGiles_02.jpg (100925 bytes)


Hampstead & Giles pose - Quiet for at least this second

HampGiles_04.jpg (49981 bytes)

We knew it could not last ... Note the rhinoceros skin gloves 

0403_HampChair_1.jpg (84532 bytes)

Back on his posing chair - it's more trouble as he gets older and just does not fit anymore

TanaFireplace_5.jpg (33726 bytes)

Fireside seating with his other mother (left) 

0310_Hampstead.jpg (40670 bytes)

October 2003 - just over 50 lbs - Yes, it's the same chair. 

Assuming The Position - (right)  Like most of us, he's pretty good at that

0309_Hamp_Position.jpg (38194 bytes)

0307_Mingu1.jpg (59021 bytes)

July 2003 Mingu - also known as Bongle showing larger than life here - and infinite patience

0307_Sam1.jpg (45907 bytes)

Sam is irresistibly Siamese

0307_Sam.jpg (117313 bytes)

0308_SingLess.jpg (43031 bytes)

August 2003 It's never too early for a singing lesson - By George, He's got it! (Right Play song)

0309_HampsteadSings.jpg (11921 bytes)

September 2003 - Helping with the mechanical work

0309_HelpBugs.jpg (48499 bytes)


Hampstead in July 03 aged 7 weeks, recently arrived at Magnolia: weight 10 lbs Cuter is impossible

0307_Hampstead.jpg (10427 bytes)

September 2003 He now weighs 38 lbs and thinks he owns the place - but for his mother he will always be a puppy dog (right)

0309_Hampstead.jpg (28518 bytes)

0307_KipHam.jpg (60909 bytes)


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