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If you meet this person or he tries to have business dealings with you of any kind, just phone the Palm Springs Police Dept 760-323-8116 / 8115 case number in PSPD "1004P-4779" (Officer Garza); People who have run across this man have sent the photos shown here. As we never met, nor saw any pictures we cannot be sure these are decent likenesses -  Please let us know at info @TSPweb.us (remove space in address for use) if you have better photos than these, and/or can confirm these images as accurate.


The image at far left is full size; the center and right image will enlarge when you click them


Physical appearance Height - about 5'4" (that is to say short); weight - about 130 lbs (light, slim); appearance - rough, some teeth missing; dress - shabby, unprepossessing; hair - graying, "salt 'n pepper"; general look - "Italianate"


SAD TO SAY, Unpleasant to admit, but we, at The Sanctuary Project, were taken for $5,500 by a confidence trickster or scam artist Giovanni Vito Zanetti - Here's how-


During the early months of 2009, we were contacted by phone by Mr. Giovanni Vito Zanetti, saying he was an attorney working with American International Consulting Inc.; Las Vegas; Nevada. He offered help with the formation of a non-profit organization and legal work with our mortgage holder, Temecula Valley Bank California, and licensing with the IRS for a tax-exempt status as well as the obtaining of grants and donations. He further stated he worked part time as the resident agent for Ross Miller, NV secretary of state.

During long conversations with myself and my wife Mr. Zanetti explained the many and varied ways he could help our project. He said that he personally was well off, had made his money originally in men's clothing and suits; shared an airplane, which he piloted himself; ran a retired thoroughbred horse ranch and much else. He spoke at length with our attorney Mr. G. Oliver (New Bern) and presented a further convincing picture.


All communication was by phone and email, there was no hard copy with signatures. His associate, Mr. Peter Skarpias was coming to the East on business and would visit our house and lands to determine the best course of action. He arrived March 14 2009, stayed over, then drove south. We assumed he reported in detail to his associate, Mr. Zanetti.


When it came time to invoice, this too was by email, and Mr. Zanetti specially requested the funds be wired to his wife's bank account Ms. Lori Sears, who was doing much of the accounting for their firm, and would provide a receipt for the $5,500.


Meanwhile we heard no more about Mr. Skarpias until early May when Mr. Zanetti said he no longer worked with him; he had left. After this there was a long silence from Mr. Zanetti, and repeated calls and emails to himself and Ms. Sears elicited no response.

When we called Mr. Skarpias, he expressed surprise that we had sent money to Mr. Zanetti, as Mr. Zanetti had told him that The Sanctuary Project was no longer interested in their association.


Mr. Skarpias said Mr. Zanetti had in fact left their association and had fraudulently received our money via his wife, when it should have gone to their offices. He further stated that Mr. Zanetti had seriously misrepresented his qualifications, activities and abilities; that we had in fact been deceived and we should file a complaint about Mr. Zanetti, as we have no return of any kind for our financial outlay.




Giovanni Vito Zanetti

Emails given as (i) GiovanniZannetti@gmail.com (ii) zanetti.corporate@gmail.com (iii) AICI.1935@yahoo.com

cell phone 702-771-1067; or/and 702-782-3469

An address given in Palm Springs turn out to be a ranch from which he rented a house and was evicted for non-payment of rent.

A web search found: 750 N Riverside Dr; Palm Springs; CA 92264; (760) 320-8932 for an Emily Zanetti; however the relationship is unknown.


Web search results -

(This acount has now been cancelled June 2014) The Las Vegas Chapter of Depressed Anonymous (Las Vegas, NV) - Meetup.com; Vito Zanetti joined 22 March 2009 -             http://depression.meetup.com/439/members/9178543/

or  -  http://www.meetup.com/BrianTracy-in-Vegas/members/9178543/


Giovanni Vito Zanetti  DOB Jan 21 1950 (This is uncertain: Age also given as 66 in 2009) CA Los Angeles Criminal Court records with 3 felony p.487a (grand theft?) dated Jun 15 2001, case number 042125 hearing date Jun 15 2001.


He is also named as defendant in the case of July 19 2005 number 052153 "Melby-Ross Revocable Living Trust"; CA Riverside Civil Court - More scamming no doubt.


Also CA Orange Civil Detail case file 2/11/2009 (Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach case number 30-2009-000243945-CL-NP-HNB


Apparently his girlfriend (not wife) is "Elizabeth O'Leary" worked at a real estate agency before she fell to alcoholism once again after the death of her husband 18 months ago (July 2009). She and Zanetti are said to have left for California


American International Consulting Inc -

702-888-1280 or 702-818-4700; fax 702-818-4701; Address 3305 Spring Mountain Rd.; Suite 38 (or Suite 20); Las Vegas, Nevada 89102; Domestic Corporation Corp Number:   C129-1935; Web search on this company states "Administrative Termination" dated  02/10/2009 


Lori Sears -

Lori Sears wife of Mr. Zanetti (not in same household) address given as: 9503 1/2 Garibaldi Ave; Temple City; California 91780. cell phone 760-413-8256; home 760-327-8632; Reverse Phone web search gives address for phone (760) 327-8632 as - Donna Ackerman; George Ackerman; Richard R Hammond; Sandra A Hammond; address for all four people as - 67179 San Gabriel Cir E;  Cathedral City; California.

Cathedral City is near Palm Springs; Lori Sears cell phone is (760) 413-8256 and is based in Palm Springs California


Wiring details for $5,500; Lori Sears at Wells Fargo bank; routing #122000247; account #3673518795;


Web search gave Ms. Sears address as:

1830 E Racquet Club Rd; Palm Springs; California  92262

Also: 586 Picasso Ct.; Fairfield; California 94534

Also: 4718 Autry Ave; Long Beach; California 90808; tel.: 430-7872 (area code 760?)


Peter Skarpias -

Partner/Associate at American International Consulting Inc.:

DOB 9 Dec 1958 ; Home address; 4015 Archcrest Cir; Las Vegas, NV 89147; (702) 586-0863 ; Also - 2505 Chandler Drv., Ste 1; Las Vegas; NV 89120





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